When do I need to do an Intervention?

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When do I need to do an Intervention?

It is not always easy to see or know that the person is addicted to something, and there is a need to do an intervention. Intervention is a delicate thing to do, and for this, there should be the right time, place, words and everything.

You might think that merely talking to an addict and letting out your emotion will inspire him or her to go for the treatment. This type of approach is rarely successful.
You can also force or blackmail the addict to get the treatment, and he or she might start getting it. But in this case, there is a chance of relapse. You have to make an addict decide on treatment by himself or herself.

There is a way for that, and that is called the intervention.

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Here is the list of some of the sign that can make you decide that it is time for an intervention.

• Dodgy Behavior Patterns

When you find someone whose behaviour is changing that tends to move out without any schedule or go out at night without any particular destination. Noticing changes in practice is the first sign of an addiction.

• Increased tolerance

When a person starts taking any drug or alcohol, they tend to form an understanding of that substance. This makes them take higher doses or more frequently to get the desired result is also the sign of an addiction.

• Mental Fog

Alcoholism and drug abuse do affect the body physically and mentally. An addict tends to forget the things that have happened recently. This occurs because the mind gets tired when drugs or alcohol is used continuously. This type of nature should not be ignored and see if it persists or worsens.

• Change in Appearance

When a person gets addicted to something, then there is a chance that he or she has a habit of staying in sweatshirts and pyjama bottoms. To change their appearance is the last thing in mind. All they want is to get the substance to feel “high”.

• Enhanced Emotion

Addicts usually have an unchecked emotion which can quickly explode at any time. Whenever you try to stop them from doing something or argue with them, they might get extremely aggressive within no time. This type of behaviour is the sign that there is a need for an intervention.
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• Barely Getting By

Addiction is not free, and neither is cheap. When a person gets addicted to something, then he or she starts spending the money without any consent of their financial well being. They tend to spend all the money on it and changing the preferences from paying bills to drugs or alcohol. This eventually leads them to the brink of economic crisis.
Some other signs can give you the indication that the person is an addict like isolation from the outside world, friends, and family: stop caring about their well being and so on.

Is it late for an intervention?

You have to keep in mind that it is never too late for an addict to get the treatment. So if you find your known to be an addict, then you should help him or her by doing an intervention and make him or her problem of addiction.

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