What to expect from drug and alcohol treatment?

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What to expect from drug and alcohol treatment?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a life-ruining habit. The decision to take treatment for the addiction can be a life-changing. Getting the treatment for the addiction can be a scary part for an addict. Even to reach the rehabilitation centre and enrolling for the program can make you think twice. But when you do it, then the things start to get more comfortable for you. There can be the following things you can expect while getting the treatment for the drug and alcohol treatment:
• To be uncomfortable
• Second, guess your addiction
• Feel embarrassed and ashamed
• To be challenged
• Want to give up
• To change

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When you have done the hard part and start getting the treatment for the addiction, you are going to get the cure for the addiction in a relaxed and comfortable way.

• Detoxification

Once you have entered the program, then you will be given the detoxification procedure. In this, all the harmful chemicals that have been formed during the time of addiction will be taken out of your body. During this time, you might start showing the withdrawal symptoms, but there is no need to worry about that. As a rehabilitation centre will be keeping an eye on the challenges, you are facing, and they will provide you with the proper medication for it.

• Group therapy

Though you are in a rehabilitation centre for the treatment of the addition, there are chances that you might not have open about the addiction problem you are facing. Group therapy can be that place where you can open about yourself without any judgemental views.

• Private session

There is also a facility of private or one-on-one sessions you will be getting so that the counsellor can focus on you only. The patients usually find it to be the best part of the treatment.

• Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

It is one of the most critical aspects of the treatment of the patient. In this, the centre will transport the group of patients to the local meeting every week. These meetings become one of the crucial parts of life for an addict to remain sober.
Many of the members of the AA/NA group share their personal number to stay in touch and guide them in the difficult time to stay sober and not fall off the wagon.
• Fellowship
Most of the addicts come to the rehabilitation centre at the lowest point of their life. Here they can find the people who are going to help them with those problems. This way, people find a way to lean on somebody and get their life back from the addiction.
• Aftercare plan
Once you have gone through successful treatment of the habit, an aftercare plan is set into motion. By now your counsellor knows you very well and will make a health plan so that you do not fall off the wagon Aftercare program may include outpatient treatment, residence at a halfway house, weekly check-ins with your counsellor, attendance at 12-step meeting and other suggestions to avoid the relapse.
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