What is a Trigger?

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What is a Trigger?

Being triggered is experiencing an emotional breakdown based on previous history. Triggers can be anything; a place, a person, even a scent. It is harmful to a person who is addicted because they make us relive the past memories, physical and mental distress occurs, and we relapse.

Triggers can easily be identifiable by noticing the behavioral change of a person in some event. Triggers may occur when a person remembers a disgraceful incident, or he sees something which makes him remember the incident. In the case of addiction, triggers cause a former addict to form an interest in taking drugs or alcohol again.

Triggers can be classified into two categories – Internal and External triggers.

● Internal Triggers are the emotions which take over the sobriety of mind. For example shame, guilt, depression, lack of confidence, heartbreak, etc.
● External Triggers are the places where one feels unsafe, misunderstood or the persons who judge or attacks them.

Some of the most common relapse triggers are listed below.

1. Negative emotions often impact badly in one’s mind. Like when some addicted person is feeling lonely, tired, angry they tend to resume their previous habit again.

2. Stress is a very important trigger. Whether it’s a workplace-related problem or relationship related, it broadly effects on mind and body.

3. If once addicted person is undergoing a therapy becomes overconfident about his wellness, then it can be a problem. He might leave the process in the middle and gets affected again some days later.

4. Mental and physical illness can trigger drug or alcohol addiction.

Trigger Management

It’s not possible to avoid natural emotions like when you are feeling low, or get angry or tired. But it’s very much important to get a grip on emotional breakdowns, cope with emotions as much as you can. One of the most important things is self-awareness. The once addicted person should understand the points where he relapses and takes steps according to that. Some recommended methods include:

● Everyone is different. Their lifestyle is different. So triggers will be different. One should work on knowing the personal triggers. It can be anything like walking by a bar, getting bored, etc.

● Triggers and cravings are a very important part of recovery. And it’s completely natural. You’ll have to stay strong in every situation that may surprise you.

● Set a goal. Make a proper plan to achieve the goal and get on with it. A healthy schedule is most important for that which includes healthy eating habits, proper sleep, and regular exercise.

● Self-destructiveness is not a very smart choice to live a fruitful life. Love yourself, take care of your mind and body. Then only you can get a healthy life back.

The most difficult thing in life is battling with ourselves only. It’s not going to be very easy to fight with these triggers and cravings all the time. Your family, friends may or may not be there to support, but it’s the fact that only you can help yourself by staying strong.

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