What is a sleeping pill?

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What is a sleeping pill?

Sleeping pill is a soporific medicine whose primary function is to induce sleep. It is mainly used for the treatment of insomnia. Unfortunately, when it is used by the people for the medication they form a tolerance and start taking stronger doses which eventually lead to an addiction.

Although the treatment for insomnia for a short period of time is useful when it is used for longer period of time they get addicted to it. There is a common myth that you cannot get addicted to the sleeping pill and even claims that they have heard it from the doctor. But they are wrong and are not able to sleep without taking a pill or higher dose of it.
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Some people do not even realize that they are addicted to the sleeping pill when they leave it and are not able to sleep without it. Here are some sign that you are an addict to sleeping pills:
• Cravings for sleeping pills
• Failed attempts to quit
• Doctor shopping
• Experiencing memory loss
• Continue to take a pill for a time longer than prescribed

Some of the common sleeping pills that are available in the market are:
• Sonata (zaleplon)
• Ambien (zolpidem)
• Lunesia (eszopiclone)

Effects and Abuse of Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are prescribed by the doctors only for a short period of time. It is prescribed to the patients who are suffering from severe insomnia and not on a strict dose program. These pills are fast acting and required to be used only when required.
Unfortunately, people use these pills anytime they feel anxious or pressure in life or feel trouble sleeping for a short period of time.
This type of use of sleeping pills without any prescription or for a longer period of time is called drug abuse. High doses of sleeping pills can cause problems to the patient like a hallucination. There are some of the common side effects of abusing these pills:
• Dreamless sleep
• Reduce anxiety
• Dizziness
• Lack of coordination
• Hallucination
• Light-headedness
Abuse of sleeping pills is on the rise these days especially among the high school and college students who are looking for some good time. Young people who are living at home has easy access to these pills.

Over the time when you use these pills, it gets harder to get the recovery from them. Some people who try to leave the pills after some time face withdrawal symptoms like “rebound insomnia” or “compound insomnia”. To escape from these symptoms you might start taking the pills again which is worse. Fortunately, there are rehabilitation centers for the addiction to these pills.

Common Drug Combination

Many people who use sleeping pills do not read the warning signs on the bottle. Taking the sleeping pills with other drugs can be dangerous especially with alcohol.
Taking the sedatives with the alcohol will amplify the effect of the drug and may cause the fatal overdose. Other drugs which people use while abusing are:
• Benzodiazepines
• Painkillers
• Antidepressants
Breaking the cycle of an addiction can be hard without the right procedure and support. If find yourself or your loved one to be addicted to the sleeping pills it is time to get the treatment for that from the rehabilitation center.
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