What are stimulants?

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What are stimulants?

The stimulant is the broad gauge term for all the drugs which are used to improve the performance of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and body. Due to its functioning, it is quite popular among the students and the athletes who are trying to enhance their performance. Stimulants can be both prescribed medication or an illicit substance like cocaine. These drugs can be used recreationally and are taken orally, snorting or injecting.
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Prescription stimulant brands

There are various brands in the market. These are used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy and sometimes obesity. Some of the well-known stimulants are:
• Adderall
Adderall is the most popular prescribed drug for the treatment of ADHD.
• Dexedrine
Dexedrine is in the market since 1976. It can be used as the performance and cognitive enhancer.
• Ritalin
Ritalin was approved for the treatment of the hyperactive children in 1955. It is different from the other two drugs described above because it is a methylphentamines.
• Concerta
Concerta is the new drug available in the market. It is quite similar to Ritalin but differs in the duration of effects and strength.
• Desoxyn
Introduced in 1947, Desoxyn was the first drug ever to be prescribed for obesity.

Illicit Stimulants

The class of stimulants can never be complete without mentioning cocaine, crack, and crystal meth. These stimulants produce the same effects as the prescribed one, but they give shorter and intense “high”.

Effects and Abuse

Stimulants are classified as the schedule II controlled substance. Stimulants produce a significant amount of dopamine. After some time brain stops producing them and gets utterly dependent on it. This type of need ultimately leads the person on the path of Addiction. Approximately 900,000 Americans are abusing prescription stimulants every month.
Some of the common effects of stimulant abuse are:
• Decreased appetite
• Euphoria
• Wakefulness
• Talkativeness
• Energy

There can be some long-term of side effects stimulants if a person is using the tonics for a long time like:
• Anxiety
• Aggression
• Damage to the blood vessel
• Kidney damage
• Lung damage
• Stroke
• Psychotic behaviour


Everyone wants to feel energetic and perform well in their daily routine. For this, some people use the stimulants for that. While using them, they usually ignore the adverse effects they are impacting your body.
When the stimulant is used, it starts working and floods the brain with the chemical named dopamine. Continuous use of these stimulants can make you utterly dependent on them.
Understanding the symptoms of the stimulant abuse can help you to determine if you or your known one is suffering from the Addiction or not. There are some of the signs that can be seen during the Addiction of the stimulants:
• Dilated pupils
• Restlessness
• Hyperactivity
• Loss of appetite
• Weight loss
• Sweating

Getting help for the Addiction

Finding the person is addicted to the stimulants might be hard, but when you do, it is time for you to get the treatment for the Addiction. You might be scared that you will get alone while getting the procedure, but there are numerous people around you to provide the help that is needed.
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