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Dealing with Substance abuse disorder for an individual is incredibly hard either it has to do with alcohol or illicit drug substance. To some extent, it devastates lives, families, and communities that put tremendous strain on both criminal justice and health care system. Under the 2010 Affordable care act addiction is seen as a mental health issue, which means that companies must include some provisions to treat the addiction within policy. The term and conditions vary tremendously between the different companies.

United Healthcare Insurance is one of the nation’s largest insurance providers for healthcare services. It is one of the best insurance companies with an array of policies with varying options of coverage. Most of the United healthcare plans help assist in addiction treatment, payment of services, and upfront costs based on the system chosen and location in which a person is residing in.

United Healthcare service is one of the divisions of UnitedHealth Group, which is considered the most significant healthcare services carrier in the US. Since 1977 United Healthcare is offering a wide array of products like group policies, self-insured options, and Medicare subsidizing. The number of person under this healthcare service is more than 73 million.
The Insurance service with United Healthcare provides access to an impressive help of around 570,000 physicians and health care professionals. This insurance is administered through UMR. United Healthcare offers coverage options for medical and dental, behavioral health, and short-term health insurance.
United Healthcare Addiction Resources

It is always ensured that recovering from drug and alcohol addiction receives the best of care. United Healthcare helps assist with a separate division known as United Behavioral Healthcare. One of the advantages of this healthcare service is that it provides an individual with confidential services with a substance abuse healthcare professional. United healthcare also produces annual preventative care visits that also include screening and counseling for alcohol and substance abuse in a primary care setting.

Substance Abuse Coverage under United Healthcare Policy

United Healthcare policy provides the services for drug and alcohol addiction often incorporates:
• Inpatient hospital detoxification
• Inpatient rehabilitation
• Outpatient detoxification
• Outpatient drug and alcohol abuse rehab
There is one advantage that a PPO network policy offers a wide range of substance abuse treatment services as compared to other services available. Although service provides inpatient and outpatient treatment, sometime pre-certification is required.

Is There Need For The Treatment Centers To Be In-Network?

Treatment centers don’t need to be In-network. But some of the insurance plans need a steeper co-insurance and co-pays percentage to find an insurance provider that is not available in the network near you. Some other methods may not cover out of network services, so it leaves you responsible for the cost of the program. It is not always needed for the treatment center to In-network. The important thing is that you need to take care of them out of the network service for which you need to pay that could be expensive according to your income domain.

Coverage For Inpatient Treatment Under United Healthcare

The type of United Healthcare plan you choose decides that Inpatient rehab coverage is covered or not as well as the state an individual resides in. In addition to individual or family insurance plans, United Healthcare provides service for short-term medical procedures, which could also cover a substance abuse treatment program.
In the Inpatient rehab services and costs as part of United Healthcare’s short-term medical plans, many individual’s policies help cover substance abuse programs. The exception provided under this is the lowest premium plan-Short Term Medical Value, which sometimes does not cover expenses for drug and alcohol abuse treatment.
United Healthcare’s comprehensive plans and Short term Medical Plus policies have around 20%-30% deductibles. Paying about $1,000 to $10,000 deductibles will help an individual with insurance. The maximum term of $3,000, which means an individual is always responsible for any amount for the treatment.

Coverage For Outpatient Treatment Under United Healthcare

Outpatient rehab coverage is very similar to the Inpatient rehab benefits offered. Company’s lower level plans, short-term coverage offers help to cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but the expenses could vary.
All of the outpatient rehab services and costs under United Healthcare’s short-term plan involve 20-30% co-insurance after deductibles. In short-term coverage, there is a $3,000 policy maximum per covered person.

How Could the Costs Be Paid Covered By United Healthcare Plan?

After deciding to go for the treatment, the most problematic question strikes how to pay for the procedure. But it does not stop you from getting the help you want for the system. Our treatment specialists are always available to help you find the right treatment center according to your need and help you find any cost that you need to care of your own.
If you have a strike low and decided to get treatment services or insurance plan, we will help you find the treatment solution. Contact us anytime we are available here for you.

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