Synthetic Marijuana Addiction and Drugs Effects - The Rehab Treatment

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Synthetic Marijuana Addiction and Drugs Effects - The Rehab Treatment

What is synthetic marijuana?

This drug is also known as synthetic cannabinoids. It can alter your mind to a great extent. Due to its chemical synthesis, the effects are more powerful as compared to the ones produced by normal marijuana. These are consumed by smoking the leaves on which the synthetic marijuana is sprayed. These even come in liquid form which is a favorite one for the youths.

This is because they smoke this liquid form through the electric cigarettes. These are not only more powerful than natural marijuana but are also more harmful. They can even cause a threat to one’s life. Since there is no use of these drugs in the medical department, they are considered to be illegal.

Effects of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is more dangerous than natural marijuana.

Increase in the blood pressure

There is an increase in blood pressure due to the chemical activity of the drug. This activity affects the brain cells greatly which in turn results in the irregularity in its functioning.


You will feel a great sense of fear and anxiety after consuming this drug. You can go on a trip which is a dream-like experience. These may be good and bad. In the case of bad trips, the effects are highly negative.

Increased heart rate

There will be an increase in the heart rate after the consumption of this drug. This is because of the confusion caused to the brain cells. This rate can be increased to a limit above which there may be chances of a heart attack.

Harm to kidney

Synthetic marijuana not only causes harm to your brain but will also affect your kidney greatly. This is because of the chemicals used in its synthesis which may react in your kidney if consumed in a medium to high dosage.

Addiction and Abuse

Synthetic marijuana can cause life-threatening problems if consumed in high dosage or for long-term. The natural marijuana is not physically addictive due to which the synthetic one is thought to be same. However, this is not true as this synthetic one is addictive and can cause a threat to your life.

This drug is taken in various forms and if abused for a long time, your psychological health will be affected, greatly. It confuses the brain cells which may lead to coma. Its liquid form can even damage your kidney. Also, a heart attack can be caused after its long-term consumption.

There will be an increase in your violent behavior. This can ruin your relationship with your close ones. Hence, you should avoid using this drug.


There is no proper treatment available for this drug. However, you can for various therapies to get over your addiction.


You can go for the therapy to get over your addiction to synthetic marijuana. You will gain a lot of calm and composure by going through this method.

Exercise and meditation

You can do regular exercise as well as meditation to get rid of this drug addiction. This will retain your relationship with your friends and family.


There are many rehab centers which will provide you with proper care and will make you learn to lead a happy life without any need of drugs. You should also have to put some efforts if you want to win this fight against drug addiction.

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