Symptoms of alcoholism : Drug Abuse and Drinking Addiction, Treatment

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Symptoms of alcoholism : Drug Abuse and Drinking Addiction, Treatment

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is one of the significant issues related to alcohol abuse. The adverse effects caused by alcohol may damage your relationship with your loved ones. You can suffer from accidents, bad hangovers, and also violent acts. When you consume alcohol for the first time, it is the time when you are getting one step closer to its addiction.
With the increase in its consumption, you may develop a tolerance level towards it which further increase this addiction. This may ultimately lead to serious health problems. If the consumption is raised above a specific limit, significant complications can occur. Hence, it is necessary to get over this addiction as soon as possible.

Effects of alcoholism

There are many problems related to addiction which are related to both social and health issues. These effects can range from moderate to severe ones depending upon the level of its consumption.

Blurred vision

After consuming alcohol, your image will get blurry because of the slow pupil reaction. You will also be not able to distinguish between light and dark object. This is a significant cause of road accidents and is still increasing to a greater extent.

Bad reflexes

Alcohol decreases brain activity which makes the nervous system slow. This, in result, makes your reflexes very bad. This is not good in the case of some severe health injuries as you will lose a lot of blood before you know it.

Poor speech

The alcohol weakens the muscles which are used for expression. As a result, you will find it difficult to talk to other people.

Difficulty in standing and walking

Due to the weakness in the nervous system, you will find it difficult to walk. This is one of the significant effects of alcoholism which is also responsible for several accidents.

Heart problem

If the alcohol is consumed severely, it can affect your heart to a great extent. There can also be a case of heart failure, which is due to the high increase in blood pressure.


Alcohol, when consumed in a high amount, can cause cancer which is related to mouth or liver. Hence, drinking juice every day can cause a high risk to your whole body.


Alcoholism is widespread and can cause risk to your whole body. It affects various body systems majorly the nervous system. The brain and liver are affected hugely as compared to other body parts. People drink it during their happy hours or can develop a habit to drink it daily.

There are not only health-related issues on its consumption but also a significant threat to your social life. There can be relationship issues with your closed ones and even financial issues. People who drink daily spend most of their income on alcohol, which could have been saved or consumed on their closed ones.



There are many treatments available that could help you to get over your alcoholism.


This is the first and the foremost thing which has to be done to clean your body from its traces. However, it should be done under proper medical care as this could be fatal as well.

Sober groups

You can join various dry groups who will teach you about life which could be led without getting involved with any drug addiction. This will also help you to make your relationship better with your closed ones. In this way, you can completely regain your social life.

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