Stage Intervention

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Stage Intervention

An intervention can be described as the process of getting involved in the life or behavior of a person. This Intervention is done to change or modify the behavior of an addict and sometimes even the result of an unpleasant situation. So, intervention happens in cases where the loved ones of an individual who is an addict witness their life getting haywire. So, out of that love and affection, they feel this need to help them to make their life better.


The Intervention could be a kind of ultimatum or taking the help of an intervention professional to plan and execute it successfully.


Goal Of Staging An Intervention


Main aim or goal of staging an intervention is the motivation of an addict towards getting treated. Many types of research are already there to prove that addicts got successful treatment after a loved one with the help of a professional staged an intervention.



How To Stage An Intervention


  • Find an Intervention Professional or Specialist To Guide You Through


In staging an Intervention, the first and foremost step is to get in touch with a professional or specialist, who can keep the communication running between both the parties. These specialists also guide the loved ones on how to make the addicted person get rid of their denial. If the family member trues to confront the addict without proper guidance, it is unlikely that they will seek treatment after the intervention. Because of their experiences, the specialist interventionists can train the loved ones of the addict also on the phone to guide them the process, or visit them in person. In some cases, they are also present at the intervention.


  • Make Your Intervention Group To Stage An Intervention


After the specialist interventionist comes on board, they will help the family and friends of the addict to form an intervention strategy depending upon their needs. Every intervening party has different requirements. This may help in convincing the addict to start rehab, and people who can do this can only be parents, spouses, siblings, colleagues, and close friends.



  • Decide Meeting Place and Time For Staging The Intervention


An important guideline to be followed before deciding the place of staging an intervention is that the place should be familiar and a friendly place. Why? It is done to make the addicted person feel and be at ease as the intervention takes place. Additionally, make sure that the time of the meeting is that when the addict is expected to act sober and peaceful/calm. The time that interventions usually last for is somewhere between 30-90 minutes, although it can increase or decrease also.





Although the success of any intervention depends on how the addict responds or reacts to it, whether he/she wants to get rid of the addiction and how much do they listen to their loved ones. Although, with proper planning and guidance of a specialist and successful implementation of the steps, one can enhance the chances of the success of the Intervention.

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