Effects Of Sonata (zaleplon) Sleeping Pill Drug Addiction & Treatment

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Effects Of Sonata (zaleplon) Sleeping Pill Drug Addiction & Treatment

Sonata is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic prescription to treat insomnia. It is the brand name for the drug called zaleplon. It is one of the popular sleeping pills in America, as well as the addictive one. Sonata has a wide range of adverse effects, up to and including respiratory depression or suicide. Sonata works on the neurotransmitters of the human body, slowing mental processes. This is used by the user to have a healthy and sound sleep. It has a time-release mechanism and taken orally by the user. Some of the slang names used at the streets are:
• Downers
• Tranks
• Sleepeasy
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Signs of Sonata Addiction

It can be hard to spot the difference between the addiction and the person taking the prescription pill. However, there are some of the particular changes that can be noticed in an addict.
• Doctor Shopping- acquiring a prescription from multiple doctors.
• Using it for unprescribed purposes
• Facing withdrawal symptoms while quitting it.
• Not able to sleep without taking Sonata
A person when he meets the withdrawal symptoms he or she might suffer severely. This can make the person take that drug again and lead to an addiction.

Abuse and Effects of Sonata

As Sonata is the fastest acting drug available in the market, it is widely popular among the youth for the damage. Because of the most rapid interim nature, it is the prime target for accidental and recreational abuse.
Sonata is regulated as the schedule IV controlled substance. If anyone who is using the drug other, then the recommendation of the physician is considered as an abuse. People also abuse the drug by crushing the pill and snorting it. Some people try to stay awake after taking the pill; this type of behaviour can also be considered as the abuse of the drugs.
There can be various side effects of abusing the sonata while consuming it. Some of them are:
• Sleepwalking- without recollection of it.
• Nausea and vomiting
• Amnesia
• Mental confusion
• Numbness or tingling
• Hallucinations
• Aggression
• Fatigue
• A headache
Though sonata is not a potent drug as the other one, the abuse is common. People even think that abusing it cannot harm them; they are wrong. Abusing the drug with other substances can also cause a fatal overdose. For example: if a person abuses it with the alcohol, then the chance of a deadly overdose is very high because both Sonata and alcohol work as a Central Nervous System depressant.


There are some of the spine-chilling numbers which can show you what kind of problem Americans are facing.
• Approximately 60 million Americans filed for the prescription pill in 2011.
• Sleeping pills are not even leaving the children, about one in five hundred is on it.
• People who are taking sleeping pills have a 44% higher chance of developing a disease like sinusitis, herpes, upper respiratory tract infection and more.


Sonata might be less potent and addictive but can develop addiction over some time. This addiction can be challenging to get rid off but can be done. If you or you’re known is suffering from the habit, it is better to get the treatment from the rehabilitation centre.
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