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What is salvia?

Salvia is one of those plants which are known to affect one’s psychological health to a great extent. These can be consumed by directly chewing them or can even be smoked which is preferred by the youths. It is also the traditional importance as well in many parts of the world. There are many names for this drug like magical mint, Sally-D, etc.

It causes hallucinations similar to that of LSD which makes it a popular drug in many countries. There is no medical use of this drug which makes it illegal in some places. There are many risks as well on the consumption of salvia. salvia leaves are not dried as it loses its effect on doing this. As a result, the consumption is done by making an extract from it.

Effects of Salvia


This drug causes dizziness when consumed in medium dosage. This is because of the triggering of the brain cells which is difficult to cope up by the body. You will be quite active for up to an hour after which the dizziness will start.

Lost in the world of illusion

You will not be able to determine the reality as after the consumption of salvia you will get trips. These are similar to that of which is experienced after the consumption of LSD. As a result, it will be difficult for you to get into reality. You will get visions of distorted objects filled with a strange color.

Fluctuation in heart rate

There will be an irregularity in your heart rate as the mental state is affected greatly by this drug. As a result, the functioning of the brain will get disrupted which is the major cause for this fluctuation.


After a few hours of the consumption of this drug, you will feel a great sense of discomfort. Your uneasiness may lead to the triggering of your violence behavior.

Increase in speech

You will talk a lot which is one of the most popular effects of salvia. This is because of the activation of brain cells which are responsible for our speech.


Addiction and abuse

There may be a possibility that salvia is an addictive drug. However, no proof of this has been generated. However, if used for long-term, this drug may pose a great threat to your health. There are a lot of psychological effects of this drug due to the presence of Salvinorin-A in it.

When this drug is smoked, the effects can last up to 15 minutes. However, this interval increases to up to 2 hours when chewed fresh. This drug can alter your mind which in turn will make it difficult for you to return from that altered state.


There is no proper treatment available for this drug due to the lack of clarity in its general effects. However, some common ways can help you get over your addiction to this drug.


This drug can be completely extracted from your body with the help of detoxification. It is, therefore, helpful for you as there will be no or very few after-effects of this drug.

Join groups

After detoxification, you can join various groups which will help you greatly in the recovery of your mental state. This is very helpful in retaining your relations which could get damaged due to your violent behavior, triggered by this drug.

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