Signs of Ritalin Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

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Signs of Ritalin Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

Ritalin is the most common brand name of methylphenidate. It is a stimulant used to treat the patients, mostly children who are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It works by changing some of the natural substances that are present in the brain. It is present in the market with both substance-release and extended-release compounds.

Ritalin helps in increasing:
• Stay focused
• Pay attention
• Control behaviour problems
• Organizing your task
• Improve listening skills

Ritalin has shown tremendous results in the treatment of ADHD, but it has also demonstrated the high potential for abuse and addiction. The dramatic increase in the production of the Ritalin in the early 1990s can be considered as the fact that the patient has high odds of developing dependence and abuse.
Ritalin should be used under doctor supervision and should not be consumed for long. If you do, then you should not leave it immediately as you might suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you should reduce it gradually with the doctor’s assistance.
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Signs of Ritalin Addiction

Ritalin works similarly to other stimulants that are increasing the level of Dopamine in the system. Dopamine is the naturally occurring chemical in the brain which is for the activation of the brain reward system which is in the development till youth.

So when you consume the Ritalin for a long time, then the brain gets dependent on it. If you do not have a problem like ADHD and still taking the Ritalin, then it affects the level of Dopamine severely. This can be the initial stage of the abuse of Ritalin medication. Some other signs that you or you’re known as an addict are:
• Using it even after the prescription time is over
• Not able to quit or having cravings
• Straining relationship
• Spending unmanageable amount of money

Effects and Abuse of Ritalin

The abuse of the Ritalin can be understood by it is a schedule II drug under the controlled substance act. Youth is the primary abuser of this stimulant. It is used by them to improve the concentration.
Sometimes students who are prescribed Ritalin sold it to other students for the concentration. Students also abuse it some time to get high.
The level of abuse can be estimated by the level of Ritalin sold in America is much higher than any other country.
The effect of the Ritalin is for a short period that is 3-4 hours. But abuser may use the higher doses to feel high. The intake of Ritalin at this level can be harmful and may have many side effects like:
• Anxiety
• Suppressed appetite
• Overdose
• Chest pain
• Confusion
• Nausea and vomiting
• Seizers
• Headaches
• Hallucination
Abuse of Ritalin by the person who is suffering from bipolar disorder can be hazardous. This is because drug interaction with the disease synergizes the effects and will heighten the side effects.


The treatment for the addiction to Ritalin may vary from addict to addict. Treatment can be different for the person who is abusing it to get high, merely a habit of improving the performance in study or athletics.
So it will be better to get the treatment from the rehabilitation centre rather than trying by yourself.
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