Rehab After Work : Outpatient Treatment Centers

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Rehab After Work : Outpatient Treatment Centers

Many of us think that after an addiction treatment program it’s not going to be easy to be able to get the old job back or work in a good environment with the same respect and prospect. Some are concerned about facing unemployment. That’s why they avoid getting treatment. But in reality that’s not a fact. In reality, they could be doing more harm to themselves by not getting treatment. It’s also common fact that those people who are in early recovery phase, face obstacles in finding jobs. Some of the common problems are :


  • Large unexplained gaps
  • Poor educational skills
  • A criminal record


But these are manageable as your choice of getting help is protected by various laws and acts that provide job security.


Research has shown that 62% of the people who were addicted had ended up being employed or in school. Getting a job after proper treatment is associated with less chances of relapse and positive outcomes. Studies show that the people who got addiction treatment more likely performed better than before or even got a better job. By choosing to take treatment you will not only enhance your career opportunity, you will be able to get a sober and fruitful life.


Tips That May Help


Here are some tips that can help overcome the difficulties in job search and maximize your career prospects.


  • Make Resources


If you cut off all connection with friends, family and kept yourself locked in a room for a long time then it’s quite natural not to understand where to start from. In that case you can start rebuilding the relations with your loved ones. There are plenty of rehabilitation centers that have connections with local businesses or community. There are different support groups that have resources you can use. Having a good network is a key to enhance your career opportunity. Try to make connections which can help you by giving promising leads and expand your network of contacts.


  • Work on Your Skills Regularly


Knowledge is power. If you have knowledge it will lead you to the path of success. After getting through all the obstacles you had during rehab it may need some time to work on your skills as you have been detached for a long period, but eventually you will love to work on your natural abilities. Prospective employers love to see your devotion at work. So this will engage you at work and help you get better opportunities.


  • Let Go of Your Expectations


Obviously it’s not very easy to get a job which matches your expectations after getting addiction treatment. That’s why you will have to stay strong and optimistic and take little steps to go forward. Letting go of your expectations means you will have to prepare yourself to take an entry-level or part-time jobs. Be patient with yourself and the process. Try to see the positive lesson in every interaction.


  • Don’t Mention Your Past Journey


Your past journey, struggle of being sober should not be the first thing your employer should know about you. Avoid seeking attention mentioning all the difficulties you have been through in order to get past addiction. If an employer asks about the huge gap in your resume then you can say you took a “professional sabbatical” in order to reconnect with yourself.


Just remember you are more likely to keep your job with even better enthusiasm or get even better job if you are willing to take risks to make yourself a better version. Keep in contact with your doctor so that he can help rebuilding your life.

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