Psilocybin Mushrooms

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Psilocybin Mushrooms

What is Psilocybin Mushroom?

These mushrooms are known as magic mushrooms as they provide a magical experience to its consumers. These will provide you with visions which do not exist in the real world. There are also other effects based on the environment in which the mushroom grows.

Due to the magical effects, these also play a major role in religious ceremonies in many parts of the world. These are banned in many countries as there is no use of them in the medical department along with the harmful effects caused by them. However, tits fresh form is still legal in many parts. These mushrooms when consumed may show their effects for up to 6 hours.

Effects of Psilocybin mushrooms

There is a huge range of effects of these mushrooms. You may even get poisoning from these which can be life-threatening.


One of the major effects of this mushroom is a hallucination. You will experience a huge change in your emotional behavior. Also, your vision will be distorted as you will see things which do not exist in the real world. There is also a case where you will be able to see sound in the form of different colors.


You will experience anxiety and fear after the consumption of this mushroom. This is because of the trip caused by it which is like a dream. You can experience either of the bad or good trip based on your environment. The bad trip may lead to negative effects on your mental state like depression, a decrease in the concentration, etc.


You will find it difficult to sleep as the mushroom affects one’s mental state greatly. This may ultimately lead to an increase in your violent behavior. Also, your recovery speed will get lowered due to this.

Increased blood pressure

There will be an increase in your blood pressure as the brain gets confused after the consumption of this mushroom. This effect may vary based on the dosage of the mushroom.


This mushroom is not physically addictive but imposes a great threat to your psychological health. This is because of the tolerance which gets created after its consumption. As a result, people try to mix it with other drugs. This may result in memory loss and ultimately coma.

This mixture of drugs along with the psilocybin mushroom leads to an increase in psychological addiction. Also, you may suffer from mind-altering to a great extent. This may lead to regular consumption of this drug to be in an altered state. If stopped consuming this drug suddenly, you will feel great pain both physically and psychologically. There are also chances where you will find it difficult to distinguish between reality and dream.


Due to the harmful effects caused by this drug, there is an urgent need to get rid of these as soon as possible.

Spend time in a sober group

If you spend your time in a sober group, there are very high chances where you will find it easier to live a life free from drugs. This is one of the basic ways through which you can get over your addiction.


This method is a very successful one as the drug will be completely extracted out from your body. As a result, there will be no side effects which are left from this drug after its consumption. However, you have to put your efforts as well to get over your drug addiction.

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