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What is PCP?

PCP or Phencyclidine is a drug which affects your mental state in the form of hallucinations. You will experience distorted visions along with some other effects. It was used in the medical field as an anesthetic but was later discontinued due to its side effects which were harmful to one’s nervous system.

This drug is available in various forms like tablets, capsules, etc. Many people take the PCP drug along with mint, marijuana, etc. It is highly soluble in water and alcohol which increases the ways through which this drug can be consumed. PCP can show its effects for up to 7 hours if consumed once.

Effects of PCP

There is a huge range of effect caused by the PCP drug. It differs from person-to-person and is also a threat to one’s health if consumed for long-term.

The rapid change in blood pressure

This drug can result in an increase in one’s blood pressure due to its effects on the brain cells. This is the case when you take the medium dosage of the drug. However, when the same drug is taken in high dosage, your blood pressure will be lowered.


PCP causes hallucination due to which you will have no sense of space and time. Also, you will sweat a lot after its consumption due to the increase in the respiration rate. You will experience distorted as well as strange colored visions.


PCP, when is taken in high dosage, will cause drooling as it decreases the functioning of the brain. You will not be able to sense anything and will drool a lot after its consumption.


You will become hugely violent after consuming this drug. There will be a lot of confusion, anxiety, aggression and other effects which are a major cause for the same. This will, therefore, affect your relationship with your closed ones.



PCP is a very addictive drug and can affect you badly if consumed for long-term. This drug can cause memory loss, depression and many other things which will ruin your life. There also many cases of coma after the consumption of this drug. These were the cases when PCP was taken with alcohol, etc.

So, it is necessary to get over the PCP addiction. This is because of the great damage it can cause to your psychological health. It increases the violent behavior of one which can even make him do suicide. If stopped suddenly after consuming this drug for long-term, the victim can experience great pain, confusion, increase in appetite, etc.



There is no proper treatment of PCP which makes this drug more dangerous than some of the other addictive drugs. However, you can take help from various medication centers available for the same.

Medication centers

There are medication centers available to help you get over your addiction to the PCP. Since one can experience great pain from its consumption, these centers will provide you with certain medications which will decrease your pain to a greater extent.

Sober groups

Along with the medication centers, you can even join groups who are into the fight against drug addiction. These will help you to share your experiences which will even lower your violent behavior greatly. You can also help someone which will make you feel even better and will ultimately help you in regaining your relationship with the closed ones.

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