How long do Opioids stay in your system?

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How long do Opioids stay in your system?

What is opioid?

The opioid is a drug which is used as a painkiller for severe injuries. These drugs can even become life-threatening if used for medium to long term. This is because these drugs are highly addictive. They cause deaths by slowing the breathing to the extent where it gets stopped.

It includes many other drugs like heroin which are themselves harmful. There is also an epidemic caused due to this drug. The majority of deaths are due to the prescriptions of these drugs given the doctors. There is a high chance that the opioid drug will stay in your system for a long time.


Factors responsible for the opioid’s stay

There are many factors which are responsible for the opioids to stay in your system. This is very harmful and can even result in death.

Amount of opioid taken

The first and foremost thing to consider is the amount in which this drug has been consumed by you. This is because the opioid reacts with your body but if taken in large amount, some of the opioids will be still present in your system unreacted.


Your metabolism is also a key factor in determining whether the drug is present in your system and if yes then to what amount. If you have a good metabolism, then the drug will be digested and will leave your body to a great extent. However, the ones with weak metabolism will have a high chance of having the opioid drug in their system.

Presence of multiple drugs

If there is any other drug present in your body, then there is a high chance of this drug staying in your system. This is because of its complex reaction with other drugs which finds it easier to stay in your system.


This factor is also a reason for the staying of opioid in your body. The genes determine your tolerance and many more aspects. These aspects can be also used to tell whether the drug is in your system or not.

Health problems related to kidney

The kidney is one of the major parts to excrete the drug out from the body system. However, a person suffering from kidney problems are not able to do the same. As a result, some opioid drug still stays in their system.


The opioid reactivity is optimal within a certain range of age which is then excreted out. However, people who are too young or old do not have a body system which can react to opioid completely. This results in the remains of opioid drug in their system.


Opioids based on their half-life

Opioids, when taken during long-lasting pain, are known as long-acting opioids. These are used when the opioid has to stay in the body for a long interval. Short-acting can be used along with the long-acting opioid for curing pain which is above the threshold. These disappear from the body based on their half-lives.


Uses of opioids

This opioid drug is to test a lot of parameters of one’s body. They play a major role in blood, urine, saliva and a lot more other tests. Blood testing is a major application of opioid as it determines the presence of other drugs present in one’s blood.


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