Opioid Addiction Treatment: Drug Overdose Symptoms - Rehab Treatment

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Opioid Addiction Treatment: Drug Overdose Symptoms - Rehab Treatment

What is Opioid?

This is one of those drugs whose consumption can result in death. These are used for the treatment of severe pain but when consumed for long-term can badly affect your health. This drug is, however, considered illegal in many parts of the world due to the presence of heroin in it.

These drugs also cause euphoria and are, therefore, misused. These are prescribed by the doctors to get rid of the pain. This pain can be from cancer, severe injury, etc. The opioid is, however, highly addictive and if taken for long-term can cause death.

What is Opioid epidemic?

The opioid epidemic is the result of several deaths caused due to the consumption of Opioid. These deaths are caused even after the prescription of Opioid from the doctors. This epidemic began in 2010 after which the number of deaths and people hospitalized has been increased exponentially.

The use of Opioid in the medical department has been started in the late 90s. As there was a great need for a pain killer in that era. As a result, the companies provided the medical department with Opioid as a solution for this.

Due to its highly addictive nature, people began to take it as their brain forced them to do so. This long-term use of the drug caused them to hospitalized or their death. However, later many drugs were founded which nullify the effect of Opioid.

The Opioid drug is expensive and will be only available to you under the prescription of the doctors. As a result, you have to suffer a lot once the prescribed dosage is completed. These sufferings are caused as withdrawal symptoms. Many people get over this while some go for the other drugs like heroin to continue their high.

However, going for heroin is also not a good sign as it is as bad as an opioid. The heroin can be found at cheap rates and with ease. Hence, these are preferred more than the other drugs. Also, their effects are similar to those from Opioid.

The deaths from the opioids are equal to deaths from other drugs combined. The most disturbing fact about the Opioid epidemic is that the majority of deaths are happening not from its addiction but the prescriptions. This drug not only affects the consumer but also his closed ones.

Effects of Opioid

This drug can cause life-threatening effects to its consumer. One of the major effect of this drug is the overdose which is due to the satisfaction of one’s brain. As a result, the overdose causes slow breathing which ultimately leads to death.

This drug is even combined with other drugs to increase its effects like euphoria. However, this also increases the risk to a great extent. This drug is both legal as well as illegal depending on the area. However, overdose can cause death from both of these.

There are also some cases where addiction to Opioid is due to inheritance. That is, one or more of your family members had gone through the Opioid addiction. Hence, there is a need to get over this addiction before it is too late.


One can spend their time with their closed ones. They can share all of their issues regarding this addiction. This helps them to make their mind calm which is a must to get over the addiction.

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