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What is Mescaline?

This drug is one of the most commonly used for the ritual purpose. It is popular for providing the consumer with spiritual experiences. It is a rare hallucinogen which can cause trips in the users. Mescaline can be consumed chewing the drug directly or through smoking it. These are available in the form of pills which is also a popular way of consuming the same. This drug is obtained from Peyote cactus which is also very rare.

Effects of Mescaline

This drug is majorly used for religious purpose and also in the medical field. There are many factors based on which this drug affects one.


This drug is a hallucinogen and is, therefore, responsible for the visual hallucinations. You will get to see the distorted images in different colors. Also, you will have no sense of time and space.


This drug will activate the brain cells which are responsible for the laugh in one’s body. As a result, you will laugh without any control.


You will get the experience of getting a dream after consuming this drug. These dreams can be either your past experiences or about the things you desire the most. This effect is also one of the major cause of the consumption of this drug.

Mixed senses

You will experience a mixture of different senses after the consumption of this drug. This is because of the confusion created in the brain by this drug.

Increase in the reaction time

You will experience slow reaction time and will able to feel pain after a long interval.


This is one of the most common effects caused by consuming drugs. You will experience a great amount of anxiety and fear.

Increased heart rate

There will be an increase in your heart rate after consuming this drug which can be increased to some point which can result in a heart attack. This is, however, possible only of the drug is consumed in a great amount.


These drugs are not physically addictive but are the ones which will increase your psychological to a great extent. There are no major problems from this drug even after consumption for the long term. However, there may be chances of panic attacks from the mescaline.

This drug can increase its effects on those who are already having some problems related to their mental state. After the consumption of this for some time, you will develop tolerance from it. This will increase your dosage more than the required limit. It can harm your relationship with your friends and family due to its effect on your mental state.



There is no treatment available for this drug. As a result, you have to get over its addiction by yourself. You can go for this treatment which is a common treatment for these types of drugs.


Mescaline and meditation are co-related as this drug is consumed to enhance your meditation. However, to get over its addiction you should have to do meditation or exercise. This will help in the betterment of your psychological health.

Join groups

You can join sober groups and can spend your time in sharing your experiences. These groups will also help you to know about life which can be lived amazingly without the drug.

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