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Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs which is made from Cannabis sativa. There are many chemicals which can alter your mind to a great extent. There is also a trend of marijuana been mixed with food items like brownies, cookies, etc.

This drug is a popular one among the young ones and has received an increase in consumption in recent past years. Some people do not want to inhale the smoke which makes them use the vaporizers. There are also resins which are obtained from marijuana and are rich in THC. These resins are also becoming popular among the youths with time.

Effects of Marijuana

This drug can cause both short as well as long term effects on the brain of the victim.

Increase in the appetite

Marijuana, when consumed, will increase your appetite. It will make your hunger hormones active. This results in the shift of the brain towards hunger. This is, therefore, used for the treatment of many diseases related to hunger. However, if not taken in limited quantity can even result in the damage of your digestive system.

Decreases Anxiety

This drug is specially used for decreasing anxiety among youths. However, it should be not used in the high amount due to the threat it can cause to you psychologically.


One of the major effects of marijuana is hallucination which is responsible for making the victim happy. This is because of the activation of certain hormones which responds when we feel good.

Addiction and Complications

It is very difficult to get over the addiction caused by marijuana due to the activation of certain transmitters present in our neuro system. This can furthermore cause a lot of complications to your life and can also affect your relationship with family and friends.

Reduction in learning ability

Marijuana will affect your brain which will cause decrement in your learning ability. You will find it difficult to remember things after some time.

Increased complications

Marijuana, when consumed in a higher amount, will result in the threat which will be caused to your physical and psychological health.


Hence, it is necessary to get over this addiction. There are various methods which will provide you with the treatment.


This method will provide great comfort to your mental health as it focuses on self-control. You will be able to identify the problem which is the reason for triggering of the addiction towards this drug. As a result, you will be close to stopping the use of this drug. However, your effort will also matter a lot.

Motivational therapy

This therapy is one of the most successful ones among the treatment of addiction to marijuana. This is because of the confidence you will get to get over your drug addiction. This method will not treat you but will provide with the desire to stop your addiction.

Wrap Up

Marijuana is also used in medical fields due to its application for altering the mental state of a person. As a result, it is legalized in many countries. However, it should be taken under the prescription of experts as an overdose will affect you badly. Its addiction is the most dangerous one and will require your will along with the treatment methods to win your fight against it.

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