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Magellan Health Insurance

Magellan Health Inc. is a fortune 500 company leader in managing the fastest growing mostly covers the areas of behavioral health and substance abuse, including special populations, complete pharmacy benefits and other complex areas of health. Magellan supports innovative ways of obtaining better health through technology. Magellan’s customers include health plans, managed care organisations, employers, labor unions, various military and government agencies and third party administrators. Over 33 millions customers receive health treatment coverage thorough Magellan Health.

This company mainly focuses on behavioral health which is comparatively rare in the health industry. This is what makes the company unique and suitablable for providing many forms of care. Magellan also focuses on critical personal relationships which is a major part of drug addiction recovery period, to achieve a healthy and vibrant life.

Magellan Health Addiction Resources

Magellan health mainly specializes in behavioral health. And one of their most focused area is substance abuse treatment. This company maintains a network of more than 77,000 mental health partners, many alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers, mental health professional.

The company provides a huge number of programs which are designed to fight drug addiction, including behavioral health programs, early detection programs, programs specializing in children.

Policy Coverage

Magellan offers a numerous number of policy plans with different coverage. You have to ensure that you pay all the copays, set fees, deductibles for services that Magellan will provide during your health treatment. You will have to meet the deductibles within a year before Magellan can pay the services that covers your policy plans.

Magellan Health provides extensive coverage for substance abuse treatments and hold the most knowledge in this area than any other. Some plans may focus on drug and alcohol addiction treatments, and most will cover the mental health treatment as this is an important factor of behavioral health.

Inpatient Treatments

Magellan health covers a broad area of various inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. The amount of coverage provided and services covered depend upon a number of factors such as the plan, where the customer lives and whether the service provider is in-network. Although the plans vary depending upon plans you choose for yourself. Examples of services covered by Magellan include –

Supervised drug and alcohol detox
Addiction treatment medications
Treatment center stays
Dual diagnosis treatment
Transition care
Outpatient Treatment

This company offers extensive coverage for outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The exact amount that Magella will bear depends on the plans. The outpatient treatment plans are less expensive than inpatient treatment plans. Customers have to pay copays and meet deductibles before Magella can provide service. Each plan offers a different treatment. Many services are covered by these plans such as :

Monitored drug and alcohol detox

Addiction treatment medications

One-on-one counselling

Coping mechanisms

Aftercare programs

Families often change their decisions when they see the expenses of rehabilitation centers. But the worth of your loved one’s life is much more than that. So do not waste a second. Get expert opinion and search for the perfect plan.

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