Sleeping Pill Lunesta (Eszopiclone) Drug Addiction Symptoms, Treatment

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Sleeping Pill Lunesta (Eszopiclone) Drug Addiction Symptoms, Treatment

Lunesta is a hypnotic drug which is used to treat the patients who are suffering from an acute sleeping disorder. This drug is usually intended to be used for a short period due to the highly addictive properties.

People who are addicted to Lunesta may:
• Isolate themselves
• Continue taking even after the prescription is expired
• Increase the doses
• Use drugs to get high
• Feel that their quality of life will decrease if they stop taking it
• Crave the drug
• Mixing with other medications

People who are using medicine for a more extended period may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia. These symptoms force the person to retake the medication and getting addicted to it. But the professional help from the inpatient rehab centre can help you to get through the addiction.
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As this drug cannot be bought without the prescription, people are likely to purchase it from the streets illicitly. Some of the common names for the Lunesta are sleepers, zombies, and sleep easier.

Lunesta effects and abuse

Many users of Lunesta incorporate the drug during the night to get regular sleep, which can lead to violence and subsequent addiction. Any person who is using the Lunesta outside the prescription is considered as the abuser. This abusive behaviour may include:
• Using drug other than the intended purpose
• Crushing and snorting the pill
• Taking higher doses
• Using without prescription

The symptoms of the Lunesta overdose may vary from person to person, consumption, and whether other drugs or alcohol were mixed or not. The following symptoms may indicate the overdose:
• Passing out abruptly
• Extreme drowsiness
• Coma
• Difficult breathing
Continued use of the drug can also lead the abuser to the fatal overdose.

Common drug combinations

People who are abusing drugs can mix other substances to get “high”. Lunesta drug abusers are n exception from it. They combine the Lunesta drug with other material to enhance the effect of the drug. Many people are unaware that polydrug use can be hazardous for their health.
Combining the Lunesta with the alcohol is especially dangerous, as both the drugs work as the Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants. When you mix both of them while consumption, it can cause problems like:
• Dizziness
• Drowsiness
• Concentration difficulties
• Impaired judgment
Taking the Lunesta with other drugs can increase the risk of an overdose significantly, which can be fatal.
• A patient who is taking the prescription pills regularly is five times, as compared to a non-user, likely to die over two and a half years, according to BMJ reports.
• Since 2004 when the Lunesta drug hit the market, there have been 31 million prescriptions are given.
• Prescription sleeping pills, like Lunesta, is used by nearly 9 million people.


If you or your loved one is addicted to Lunesta then quickly get the procedure for it. If you feel ashamed of your addiction, then you should not be. As you are not alone in it, there are many Americans who are struggling with the same kind of problem.
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