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LSD is a drug which affects one by changing the mental state. This includes the change in your view, emotions, etc. It is one of the hallucinogens which are used by a large number of drug addicts. This drug is illegal in many countries as it does not find its use in the medical department.

This drug can be consumed in various forms like a tablet or through the blotter paper which is most preferred by the drug addicts. There are many effects of consuming the LSD drug both in long and short-term. There are even methods which can be used to increase the effectiveness of this drug.



This is one of the major reason for the consumption of this drug. This is because of the experience they get which cannot be obtained in real life. With the hallucination, your senses will not be in a proper state and will show you images which are not present in actuality.

Effect on sight

This drug will affect your vision by making it blur and distorted images. You will also see the objects in strange colors. This drug when consumed in high amount can result in damaging your eyesight. Hence, long-term consumption of this drug should be avoided.


This is one of the most popular effects caused by the LSD drug. Due to the direct effect of this drug on the mental health of a person, the result may be either anxiety, depression or even brain damage if consumed for a very long time.


When you consume this drug, there may be chances where you will get into a flashback which were experienced by you a few days or months earlier. It is also a reason for the use of this drug as its user wants to experience their best moments again.

Increased heart rate

This drug can increase the heart rate. This rate when increased above a certain point can even result in a heart attack. However, there are very few cases where this has happened which was due to the very long-term use of this drug.


One of the major effects of this drug is this one where will not fell asleep but will experience extreme dizziness. Since sleep is an important part of the recovery of the whole body. This will not be acquired after the consumption of this drug which can, therefore, impose a threat to your health.



This drug has a huge impact on psychological health as it is not addictive physically. There are, however, many ways through which you can get over the addiction of the LSD drug.

Inpatient treatment

This treatment is done at the residential centers in which the victim has to stay for a certain time. This time depends on a lot of things like the level of addiction. Some patients have other mental problems which makes it more difficult for them to overcome the addiction.


Outpatient treatment

This type of treatment is done in sessions which can be held regularly. There are many types of outpatient rehab which will help you a lot at the early stages of the LSD drug addiction. These include programs which are conducted to provide the utmost level of care to the victim. There are also treatment plans which are systematic and reduce the addiction with time.

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