Impact of alcoholism on families

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Impact of alcoholism on families

Alcoholism is a disease that not only affects the alcoholic but also people around him\her by creating family loss and trauma. Millions of families in our country are torn apart because of the disease named alcoholism only. Alcoholism can create a significant impact on the members of the family, like destroying marriages or drive a wedge between them. Alcoholic people can blow away the budget, causes fights, ignore children, impair the health and the happiness of the family members.

About 60-70 per cent of cases of a physical altercation between the married couple is because of the alcoholism. Even after the problems in the family because of the addiction, they have no intention of getting rid of this disease. All this can be stopped if the alcoholic accepts the problem and get ready to receive the treatment from the rehabilitation centre.
There are different ways and types in which alcoholism affects the family:

Juvenile Drinking and Family Friction

A disease like alcoholism does not see the age and can happen to anyone. Adolescent drinking alcohol for fun and then getting into the grip of addiction is another problem that plagues many teens in America. They go through various stages of development and often struggles with social and emotional distress. Peer pressure is also one of the reasons for drinking, as friends or parties offer alcohol without judgment.
By the time they reach to high school they form higher tolerance or dependence on the alcohol or maybe even other drugs. As they surrender to this disease, the interaction between the members of the family and them decreases. They start getting extraordinarily irritated and rebellious towards the family. All this causes friction between adolescents and their relatives.

Financial strains

The human brain produces some chemicals naturally, which are necessary for the functioning of the body. Whereas alcohol provides them easily just by consuming it, but as a person starts drinking it regularly, our brain stops producing those chemicals. This makes a person dependent on alcohol.
This type of dependency on alcohol can be dangerous for the financial status of the family as the regular drinker will start to overspend the money on the drink and stop caring about the budget of the house. A daily drinker can spend from $20 to $300 per sitting.

An alcoholic can start spending extra money on alcohol and cutting the budget for other things like paying bills on time. Adults who suffer from alcoholism start avoiding responsibilities like work and family duties. This can ultimately lead to the loss of a job or career and getting dependent on the other family member who should be another way around.

Impact on children

Being an alcoholic parent is one of the dangerous things in our country. When a person gets alcoholic he\she starts running away from the responsibilities. Alcoholism can create a significant impact on the child if its parent is an alcoholic. This can create an effect on the child emotionally, mentally, and physically as well.
Parents who are alcoholics tend to neglect the care of their children, which can make them feel alone, afraid and emotional distress.

Expected mother

Alcohol consumption is dangerous for adults then think about the baby who is to born. Even the small amount of alcohol consumption by the mother of the baby can be hazardous for the baby. If the mother consumes alcohol during the pregnancy, the babies are born with specific traits, known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, such as:
• Small head and brains
• Shorter stature
• Lower body weight
• Learning disability
• Behavioural problems
• Heart problem
Mothers using alcohol as self-medication for a disorder like depression or anxiety should get help before the condition gets worse

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