Illicit Drugs

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Illicit Drugs

The use and abuse of drugs have been a severe concern of worry for the past few decades globally. As surveyed, all the developing or underdeveloped countries are facing the problem of drug abuse by more than half of the population. This number, too, is gradually rising. Drugs are the biggest enemy of the country’s economy and health rate. Illicit Drugs are super addictive and illegal drugs, including meth, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. These drugs have a terrible effect on the brain and Central Nervous System as soon as they go in the person’s system.

There are several stages in the use of illicit drugs. The steps are marked by the dependency of the individual on drugs. In the beginning, the person experiences physical symptoms such as trembling and shaking of hands or legs, headache, stomach ache and cramps in the body if not taken the drug at an interval. The person is unable to quit drugs even if he wants to. Eventually, the body develops a tolerance against the drug. In that situation, the person needs to increase his dosage else he starts getting the withdrawal symptoms such as heart palpitations and seizures.

In the second stage includes psychical dependence of the body on the drug. The person wants to quit the drug knowing his dependency, and it’s ill effects and his social and family responsibilities. He is aware of the harm that the drug is doing on him but is unable to stop the usage. The most effective way is to get into a rehab facility. There are many options available for rehabilitation centres.

Types of Illicit drugs

There are many types of illicit drugs available. Some of the most common drugs are listed below:

• Cocaine, also known as coke, is generally inhaled from the nose or rubbed on the gums. Some people even take it with heroin in an injection that’s directly injected into the bloodstream. This drug gives the feeling of high energy or supremacy to the person. It brings out the extreme senses in an individual making him hyperactive.

• Crack Cocaine is the purer form of regular cocaine. It is generally smoked in the pipe or a potting tube. This drug gives a high feeling, and one can also experience hallucinations and massive mood swings.

• Ecstasy is also known as Molly or MDMA. This drug leads to psychoactive brain reactions. It excites ups the emotions of the individual. This drug comes in the form of tablets. The medication lasts in the system for several hours, and a high dosage can last for up to 24 hours.

• Hallucinogens, as suggested by the name, gives a hallucinating feel to the person. LSD, PCP are psychoactive drugs. An overdose of these can be seriously harmful.

• Heroin is a synthetic drug derived from the Opium Poppy plant. It was initially used as a pain relief medicine.

• Ketamine Hydrochloride, also known as Special K, is an animal tranquillizer used by veterans. People now use it as a hallucination drug.

• Marijuana is the most commonly used psychoactive drug used. Its other famous names are the weed, ganja, Mary Jane, grass, etc. It gives a relaxed and high feeling.

• Meth is a hazardous drug. The worst thing about this drug is that the user becomes addicted to it from the very first time. Worst effects of these drugs are that the person becomes violent and aggressive in the long run and has severe dental issues.

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