Humana Health Insurance

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Humana Health Insurance

Humana Inc. plays an important role in covering a wide variety of drug and alcohol addiction rehab services. This is a for-profit organisation based in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2014, Humana has over 13 million customers across the United States and has been the third largest health insurance company in the nation. It has become the largest hospital operator in the country which owns 77 hospitals. The insurance plans vary according to your needs.


Humana provides addiction and mental health care through Humana Behavioral Health which is a subordinate of Humana. Humana health services include the guidelines, assistance on behalf of customers. Here is the list of services they provide :


  • Treatment coordination
  • Support the customers when dealing with providers
  • Confidentiality of state and federal laws
  • Assistance with all the queries
  • Access to participant providers
  • 24/7 help availability


Policy Coverage


Humana Policy Coverage for substance abuse vary based on factors of addiction treatment and rehab plans. The customers can buy plans individually based upon individual requirements, legal requirements and the types of treatments they need. According to Humana, “In order to be covered, expenses must be medically necessary and specified as covered”. They offer help to the customers on many plans showing the options of purchasing separate substance if their already bought plans don’t include it. Treatment options Humana offers include :


  • Inpatient Detox
  • Outpatient Detox
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Prescribed Medications


The insurance company does not cover out-of-network facilities. That means the doctor or facilities covering your treatment should have a contract with the insurance. If not the insurance bearer will have to hold the responsibilities on their own. Humana requires the referral of a doctor before covering your treatment expenses. It doesn’t also cover the following :


  • Luxury and private expenses
  • New age therapies
  • Medications that do not have a proper prescription or license
  • Executive treatment


Inpatient Treatments


The company only covers in-network facilities. That means it requires a referral from a treatment plan which has a contract with the policy. It requires the policyholder to reach the deductibles which is an amount of money the policyholder has to pay in a certain amount of time(generally a year or so). Then only Humana will cover the expenses.


Outpatient Treatments


Outpatient treatments are similar to Inpatients treatments. Humana plans require the policyholder to pay copays and reach the deductibles before they can pay the treatment expenses. In general, Outpatient treatment is less expensive than Inpatient treatment and do not impact the deductibles to the same extent.


If you and your loved one are in need of drug addiction rehab and you got a Humana Health insurance plan then there is no need to worry except the deductibles you will have to reach by a certain period. But this is a very legitimate concern and financial costs of drug addiction and the secondary effects will eventually be lesser over time. If you are in confusion still, consult a specialist with all the queries you have and select a proper health insurance plan that suits your requirements.

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