How do you know if your Drinking is out of control?

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How do you know if your Drinking is out of control?

Alcohol has become a prominent part of most people’s lifestyle and daily habits. Every person has different drinking habits and cycle. There’s a wide variety of alcohol available. Their composition and alcohol content varies. Beer and Whiskey are the most widely consumed.

The beer has been many’s favorites for a long time. The reason being that a beer can be taken any time as it has a low alcohol content. The human digestive system needs approximately an hour to digests a bottle of beer. Many fun activities as drinking games involve beer. It also has become an office drink. Two or three beers an average person gets him tipsy, but not drunk. So it is often preferred over light conversations and gatherings.

Whiskey, on the other hand, is a hard drink containing 40-60% of alcohol, depending on the brand. Consumption of more than two bottles of Whiskey in a day and multiple times a week is counted as alcoholism.

Wine another commonly consumed alcohol. People in many countries drink wine with dinner. Controlled drinking of wine is beneficial for a healthy heart. But if consumed regularly in massive quantities, it can be very harmful to the body.

If you cannot stop yourself from drinking past your capacity, then your drinking is out of control!

Regular intake of alcohol increases the body’s tolerance towards it. So a person who used to have two or three drinks and feel tipsy does not feel the same after regularly drinking the same or more number of bottles. To get that relaxed intoxicated feeling again, he increases his number of drinks. This cycle continues, and that is how he gets addicted to alcohol.

In no more time, the person starts having anxieties and uneasy feeling if he doesn’t drink any alcohol. That is the stage of an alcoholic. Many people drink alcohol regularly but monitor their drinks and keep their drinking level under control. Quitting alcohol isn’t easy for such a person. A lot of strong self-control and willpower is required.

And even if the person successfully gathers that then he or she may face the post symptoms like nausea, uneasiness, vomiting, shaking of hands and legs, etc. The later withdrawal phase is even worse. Many people face severe emotional and psychological traumas. It is advised to always consult their doctor before immediately cutting off the alcohol.

Quitting alcohol isn’t a one day job. Addicting to something is easy but leaving that addiction is a very tough job. People with an addiction to alcohol are often seeing similar signs. Many people, after consulting their doctor, quit alcohol with the help of their family or loved ones. For others, who fail to do that, can use the other option of Rehabilitation centers.
The Rehabilitation centers use special programs including therapies, counselling, seminars and detox programs to make the addict’s body physically and mentally fit so that he may lead a healthy life devoid of any addiction

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