When Do I Need To Hold An Intervention?

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When Do I Need To Hold An Intervention?

Intervention is nothing but a family or friends meeting hoping to inspire the behavioral change for their loved one who is suffering through a tough time. In case of drug addiction, they meet with the individual with or without professional assistance. They discuss the intensity of the situation and the addictive behavior, suggest to provide help. It is to set a goal and support the plan to achieve it.


Sometimes the troubled person doesn’t accept the fact that they are addicted. In this case, a lot of effort is required to make them face reality first, the fact that there is no good outcome of this condition. Then comes the matter of setting a plan and get on with it to give them a better lifestyle.


If you have never been around any drug addictive there can be difficulty spotting the signs. So here are some of them for your help.


  • Behavioral changes is one of the major signs. You will see your loved one is suddenly acting weird, like they can be seen wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night.


  • They prefer to be all by themselves rather than going out on any occasions, or family gatherings, or with friends.


  • Their intake capacity increases more day by day. You will see them finding excuses to be drunk or taking drugs.


  • Addiction doesn’t come free. Money becomes an issue in these situations. If you’ve known a person who never borrows money getting addicted, his financial condition gets poorer day by day.


  • Their emotions are heightened more often. Sometimes they may get incredibly fierce, the next moment you will see them shedding tears.


If you see these signs, don’t panic. Always keep in mind you and your loved one are not alone in this situation. Many are facing the same, or maybe have passed through this in the past and with implementing a proper plan they are living a fruitful life now.


There are basically four types of interventions, listed below.


  • Simple Intervention : In most cases the affected person is in denial that he/she is in problem and refuses to take any detoxification. Well the first thing to do here is to get on a conversation, obviously with a person he/she thought was very close once.


  • Classical Intervention : This includes all the family members or friends except the addicted person. A counsellor can help communicating with them, know their parts of problems so that they can get a clear view of the situation before the official intervention.


  • Family System Intervention : When multiple members of a family is affected with drug addiction, this approach can be a great help.


  • Crisis Intervention : When some crisis happens in a drug addicted person’s life, it’s a clear sign he/she needs help. Rehab is necessary in these situations.



Some Tips You Might Need


  1. Try to understand the person, observe the behavioral changes. Find the proper way to convince him/her to communicate.
  2. Pick up the right time to conduct the intervention. It should not be held while the person is high as it’s common that a person wouldn’t react as needed when high.
  3. Be aware of your body language and emotions. You will have to be calm no matter what so that it doesn’t make a negative impact on the situation.


There are persons chooses this self destructive path knowing the consequences. And there are those who are in denial. In both cases the people who care about them, shouldn’t give up. It may require multiple attempts, extra encouragement to convince the addicted person.

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