High Functioning Alcoholic

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High Functioning Alcoholic

We usually see an alcoholic who is always sad, lost everything, and life is falling apart. But this is not still the case; they seem fine even after the alcohol abuse. Experts call this type of alcoholic “functional” or “high-functional” alcoholic.

They can still be the one who has a great “outside life”, with a great job, home, family, friendship and social bonds.
A High functional alcoholic is not like the regular alcoholic. He\She could be a responsible, productive, high achiever or in a position of power. People overlook his\her habit of drinking.
Most of the high functioning alcoholics are in denial as they think that they have a great job, paying bills on time, didn’t get any set back because of drinking, drink only expensive wine and so on. But they are wrong about that as he\she cannot maintain a high position over a long period and eventually get a setback in their life.
Alcohol always catches up in the end.

Sign of high functioning alcoholic

There is a limit of drinking for everyone if you are not drinking upto your ceiling then you are an alcoholic. Women usually can have three drinks a day or 7 a week whereas for men, its four glasses a day or 14 a week. If he\she is drinking more than the drinks mentioned above, than that person is at risk of becoming an alcoholic. The following are the sign of a high functioning alcoholic:
• Joke about alcoholism
When a person joke around saying that he is an alcoholic or he\she needs to get the treatment for the addiction, then it is a sign that that person is suffering from the alcoholism.
• Major responsibilities
When a person is not able to cope up the duties and always try to give some reason other than their habit of drinking.
• Friends and relationship
When you keep on losing friends regularly and does not have a stable relationship due to the alcohol, and even then you do not want to give up the drink, then you need to get treatment for the alcoholism.
• To relax or feel confident
When you desire for alcohol to get rest in a stressful situation or to feel satisfied for some job like performing in public, to approach someone and so on. This is the sign of an alcoholic.
There are many other signs also that can make you realize that you are a high functioning alcoholic like getting drunk when not intended, forgetting about what you did while drinking, gets angry when confronted about drinking and many more.


High functional alcoholics may seem all right, but they are putting their life as well as the people around them. They might get into the problems like drink and driving, get into a fight or may even assault someone after drinking or blacking out.
There are medical problems also like liver diseases, pancreatitis, a severe form of brain damage or memory loss, some form of cancer or high blood pressure.
High functional alcoholism also increases the chances of problems in the family like domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect, fight between the members of the family.

Help High Functioning Alcoholic need

A High functioning alcoholic is always in the state of denial about the problem. So, it is upto you to make him\her realize that they have a problem with alcoholism. For that, you do not have to force him\her. Otherwise, they will never be going to accept. You can do organize an intervention with his\her friends and members of the family.
If intervention is successful than most of your part is done, and all you have to do is provide support to the alcoholic person during the treatment at the rehabilitation centre.

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