Fentanyl addiction

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Fentanyl addiction

Addiction to the drug is shared, whether it is illicit or the prescribed. Fentanyl is one of the potent medicines which is prescribed to those patients who are already addicted to drugs or has higher tolerance towards the drugs. Due to the potency of this, there is a chance of getting addicted to it very quickly.

Fentanyl is an opioid pain reliever which is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It is used by doctors to relieve the pain of patients who are suffering from severe depression, such as during cancer treatment, surgery, and breakthrough pains.

Some of the common forms and brand names of Fentanyl are:
• Actiq
This form of Fentanyl is used for the patient who is already under the pain-relieving medications as well as for the military applications.
• Duragesic
Duragesic batch was introduced in the 1990s. It is used to relieve the pain from moderate to severe lasting for up to 3 days.
• Sublimaze
Sublimaze being the injectable form is used primarily by the doctors, sometimes alongside anaesthetics. It is mainly used to maintain the pain before and after the surgeries.
• Subsys
Subsys is used for patients who are suffering from breakthrough pain because of cancer. It is used as the immediate pain reliever.
• Abstract
Abstral comes in the form of a tabled with quick dissolvable ability. This is used to get quick results for the opioid-tolerant patient with breakthrough cancer pain.
When you consume the Fentanyl, it blocks the pain receptors in the brain. Some of the common street names of Fentanyl are:
• China girl
• China white
• Dance Fever
• Apache
• Crush

Abuse and Effects

If you do not have the tolerance towards the opioid drugs, then it increases the chances of overdose even further.
Fentanyl alone is a dangerous drug, and mixing it with other medications can make it fatal. The person who is an addict usually combines illicit drugs like heroin or stimulants like cocaine.
There are various symptoms of abusing the Fentanyl; you may experience an intense euphoria or relaxation similar to heroin. There are some of the outward manifestations of fentanyl abuse like:
• Slow breathing
• Seizures
• Headaches
• Blurred vision
• Dizziness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Itching
• Constipation

Signs of Fentanyl addiction

Since Fentanyl s a potent drug, you get addicted to it within no time without you realizing it. Fentanyl works in the brain, making neurochemical changes in your body. This change makes you an addict to these drugs very quickly.
Once you get dependent on the Fentanyl and need more doses to feel healthy, then it is a sign that you are getting an addict to the drug and need treatment for it.
There can also be chances of getting withdrawal symptoms while leaving the prescription as the addiction can proliferate.


If you are suffering from fentanyl addiction, then there are chances of you getting withdrawal symptoms. So when you try to treat the fentanyl addiction on your own, then there is an excellent chance of you getting a relapse due to the pain and problems caused by the withdrawal symptoms.
It is always better to get the treatment from the fentanyl addiction centre. As they keep an eye on your withdrawal symptoms and providing proper medication according to that, curbing the chance of relapse. You can also join the support group or counselling to keep you on track.

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