Side Effects Of Tramadol Drugs Overdose -The Rehab Addiction Treatment

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Side Effects Of Tramadol Drugs Overdose -The Rehab Addiction Treatment

Tramadol is an opioid that is used to treat patients who are suffering from moderate pain. Though it considered being less habit-forming but a person still can get addicted to it, even the people who are following the doctor’s prescription.
Tramadol is often used after the surgery for pain relief. Some of the common brand names of Tramadol are:
• Ultram ER
• Ultram
• Ryzolt
• zip

When you start taking the Tramadol, you begin forming the tolerance towards the drug. This leads to the use of larger doses or frequently. Even if you try to stop taking the Tramadol after some time, then you might show the withdrawal symptoms like depression, irritability and flu-like symptoms. Some other signs of addiction are frequent craving, uncontrollable use of Tramadol, relationship problems caused by drug use.
Some of the common street names of the Tramadol are tammies, chill pills and ultras. Tramadol works in the brain by binding the receptors which relieve pain. Even though it is used as the mild pain reliever and there are more potent painkillers available in the market. Tramadol can be addictive, especially when taken for a more extended period.

Effects and Abuse

Tramadol is a schedule IV drug in comparison to the other opioids which are schedule II drugs. So it can be said that it is one of the least potent opioid as well as less addictive. People do abuse the Tramadol for its calming and euphoric effects. It also makes the abuser feel relaxed and happy. There is also a chance that the person who is suffering from severe pain may take higher doses.

Like any other opioid Tramadol also affects the Central Nervous System of the body and act as a depressant. It can also be the reason to stop the breathing of abuser or may face a fatal overdose. There are some of the common effects of the Tramadol overdose:
• Unconsciousness
• Sleeping
• Coma
• Seizers
• Weak muscles
• Pinpoint pupils
• Sweating
• Slow heart rate
• Abnormal blood pressure
• Respiratory depression

Drug combinations

Addicts do abuse the Tramadol with other drugs which are called the polydrug use. Following are the common drugs that are combined with the Tramadol:
• Alcohol
• Other painkillers
• Sedatives
• Cold medicine
There is an excellent chance of getting addicted to the Tramadol when you mix the other drugs with it. As the Tramadol and the other medications affect the Central Nervous System. It can be very dangerous for the addict to mix the substances as it increases the chances of problems like respiratory depression, seizure or overdose.

Tramadol abuse statistics

• It has been found that 84 per cent of the people who abused the Tramadol with high doses suffered from the seizures.
• In 2013, around 1.5 million people abused Tramadol for the first time.
• From 2012-13, over 60 per cent of the people who abused the Tramadol received from the friend or relative.


Though Tramadol is not a potent drug while leaving it, you can face some of the withdrawal symptoms. As these withdrawal symptoms can be intense or even dangerous in some cases. Medically assisted treatment is the best way to overcome a tramadol addiction. For this medical assistance, you can call the nearby rehabilitation centre.

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