Effects of Nicotine Addictive Substance & Smoking Habit - Treatment

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Effects of Nicotine Addictive Substance & Smoking Habit - Treatment

Nicotine is a potent parasympathomimetic and antiherbivore alkaloid stimulant. It is mostly found in the plants of the nightshade family. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance mainly found in tobacco products like cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, and snuff. When it is consumed, a person gets the feeling of relaxation and mood-soothing effect for a short period. This type of euphoric feeling makes the user get addicted to it.

Addiction to it can start very quickly but quitting it might seem next to impossible. But millions of addicts decide to leave every year and get successful in it.
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Addiction to nicotine can be a dangerous thing as the addict has the higher chances of getting heart diseases, cancer from it then non-addict.

Signs of Addiction

The dependence on nicotine can develop very quickly. Especially young people, because it affects the rewarding area of the brain, which is still growing at that time.
Some of the signs that can help you determine if you are an addict or not:
• Can’t stop smoking. You might be the beginner and decided to quit smoking but unable to do so. Due to the cravings of having one more.
• Experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If you somehow manage to stop consuming nicotine for some time, you can suffer from some of the withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, increased hunger, mood swings, difficulty in concentrating, and so on.
• Not caring about health problems. After some time of nicotine consumption, you might suffer from the issues related to the lungs or heart. But you can’t stop smoking chewing tobacco.
• Affecting relations. When you get addicted to nicotine, you stop visiting the places or avoid people where consumption of nicotine is not possible.

Abuse and Affects

The addiction toward nicotine consumption, which can also be considered as the damage can be started for various reasons like:
• Culture: youth usually begin smoking because of the cultural perception that it looks cool, but it costs them their health.
• Sycophancy: most of the people start smoking or use tobacco product because they see their idol smoking or using tobacco product on the screen or in public.
• Peer pressure: sometimes teens start smoking because their friend does and they offer them or create pressure on them to smoke
There is never a positive outcome of using the nicotine product. These products do not affect the health of a person like other drugs (cocaine), but it does affect health. When you use it, you can expect various problems or diseases. As the adrenal gland are impacted due to the nicotine consumption. You can expect:
• The rise in blood pressure
• Breathing problems
• Cancer
• Heart diseases

Other Drugs

Many smokers who smoke usually mix other substances with it. Alcohol is the most common drug that is used alongside it. When an addict uses these two together, a mental connection is made between them, and it becomes more challenging to quit smoking.
Stimulants like cocaine are also mixed to synergies the effect. You can consider nicotine consumption to be the gateway for other illicit drugs.


Quitting the addiction to nicotine can be a daunting task and may face withdrawal symptoms. This can be made more accessible by getting help from the rehabilitation centre and support from the friends and family.
Once you quit nicotine addiction, you can have a healthy life and other benefits like:
• Lung functioning back on track within three months
• Reduce the risk of stroke
• Better blood circulation
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