Morphine Abuse, Addiction Symptoms & Effects - The Rehab Treatment

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Morphine Abuse, Addiction Symptoms & Effects - The Rehab Treatment

Morphine is a naturally occurring opiate which is used to relieve the severe pain. This is a highly addictive opiate which has similar effects as heroin. Morphine is named after the Greek god Morpheus (God of dreams). It gives you the dream-like feeling. It is often taken in the form of tablets and liquid whereas in some cases it can even be smoked.

You can develop the tolerance toward the morphine very quickly, which can make you an addict very quickly. It is a federally designated schedule II drug, mainly used for the pain relief after major surgeries or for the cancer-related pain. Morphine is one of the most abused legal substance because of its pleasurable effects and relative accessibilities. Some of the common street names of it are M, Miss Emma, monkey, Roxanne and white stuff. Heroin has the most similar effects as the morphine.

Abuse and Effects

The addict abuses morphine for the pleasurable effects it gives. As it is given to the person who is suffering from chronic pain, he/she likely to harm it and becoming an addict to it.
Some of the common effects of morphine include:
• Pain relief
• Euphoria
• Reduced anxiety
• Drowsiness

Morphine is a legal drug, but people are abusing it very frequently. This has made it a criminal offence for the people who are abusing it. Anyone who is using it without a prescription or in possession of morphine is committing a crime, and criminal action can be taken against them depending upon the battery.
Those who abuse morphine are at the high risk of overdoing it. Some of the common signs of morphine overdose include:
• Slurred speech
• Intense drowsiness
• Inattention
• Slow breathing

An overdose of it can also cause
• Unconsciousness
• Coma
• Slow breathing to the point of death

Addiction to Morphine

Addiction to the morphine starts the similar way a person gets addicted to other drugs. When you begin taking the morphine, you quickly develop the tolerance, which makes you take larger doses to feel its effects. Once you establish the understanding and decide to quit it, then you might feel the withdrawal symptoms, which makes it difficult to stop.
Addiction to the morphine is similar to the addiction towards heroin. This type of addiction is one of the difficult to overcome. If you try to withdraw it suddenly, then you might suffer from the withdrawal symptoms. So it is better to get the detoxification process from the rehabilitation centre.

Mixing with other drugs

Morphine alone is a dangerous addiction. If you combine the other medications with the morphine, especially with those who have the depressant quality, can be extremely dangerous. Some of the common depressants are:
• Alcohol
• Cannabis
• Codeine
• Heroin
• Benzodiazepines
These mixtures directly affect your Central Nervous System. Using them can lead to extreme sedation and even coma.

Morphine Abuse Statistics

Morphine and heroin were found to be the reason for more than half of the accidental deaths in the United States. You will be amazed to know that:
• One-tenth of the U.S. population has abused the opiate drug in a lifetime.
• There is a 106 per cent increase in the emergency room due to the morphine abuse.
• Friends and relative are the primary sources of getting the morphine for damage that is 60 per cent.


To get control over your life back from the morphine addiction can be one of the most challenging things to do, but not impossible. Studies have shown that the chances of relapse are very less for those who can make life changes dramatically with increase chances of recovery.
If you or your known one is suffering from morphine addiction, then you should quickly get to the rehabilitation centre to get the treatment.

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