Effects of Diet Pills Addiction For Weight Loss - The Rehab Treatment

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Effects of Diet Pills Addiction For Weight Loss - The Rehab Treatment

Diet pills are the over-the-counter pills that are used by the person to control the weight or to reduce it. In the beginning, these pills might seem harmless, but they have side effects. It can also be abused, and a person can get addicted to it too.
Diet pills work by suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism or preventing fat absorption of a person. They usually have caffeine in it, which gives you energy for some time. But after some time that person gets addicted to it or form tolerance towards it. When understanding has created the effects of these pills starts to decrease and to get the desired result, he or she starts abusing it. With the promises, these diet pills make it is no surprise they are famous in America. But to control the abuse of these pills, some are under schedule III and some under schedule IV of control substance act. Even after the steps were taken by the government to prevent the abuse, it is done at a large scale. Some of the common pills that are being abused in America are:
• Benzphetamine (Didrex)
• Diethylpropion
• Mazindol
• Phentermine
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Signs of Diet Pills Addiction

Short-term Addiction

There can be some unpleasant symptoms of diet pills that can be seen in dieters mood, health, and behaviour of people. These changes can be:
• Nausea and stomach pain
• Trouble sleeping
• Chest aches
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Dramatic mood shifts or erratic behaviour

Long-term Addiction

A person should take the diet pills for a short period, even the doctors prescribe them for a relatively short time. But when the dieter takes it for a long time, then he or she might suffer from pill addiction. This can cause some adverse effects like:
• Hypertension
• Heart attacks
• Dependence
• Damage of kidneys and liver

Diet pills Abuse and Effects

The intake of the diet pill might start innocently that is to control the weight. But the amphetamines that are present in it suppress the appetite and increases the performance as well. This result in dieter taking more pills which can be considered as the first sign of addiction towards the diet pill.
Abusing the diet pills might seem harmless in the beginning, but it has side effects. Some of them are:
• Hallucinations
• Vomiting
• Yellowing of skin or eyes
• Chest pain
• Dark urine or light-coloured stool
• Swelling of legs and ankles
• Insomnia
• Dizziness
• Rash and itching
The abuse of these pills can be dangerous for health and can be fatal.


When the dieter starts to get tolerance toward the diet pills, he or she try some experiment to get the desired results. The dieter can mix the energy drink or other medicines to boost the effect. This type of mixture can amplify the outcomes which can be dangerous and maybe even fatal.
If you are not accepting the fact that you are addicted to the diet pill or ashamed of it, then you should not be. As there are millions of people in America, who are either abusing it or addicted to it.
So it is time to get your life back from the addiction. To get back on track, you can take help from the professionals.
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