Side Effects of Demerol Abuse - Drugs Addiction - The Rehab Treatment

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Side Effects of Demerol Abuse - Drugs Addiction - The Rehab Treatment

Demerol is the brand name of pethidine, which is made of a synthetic opioid. It is used for patients having moderate to severe pain. Demerol works in the brain to change the way the brain responds to the pain, making you feel relief from that pain.
Demerol should not be used to treat the pain for a more extended period. If you use it for a more extended period, then there are chances of you getting addicted to it very quickly, which could be very dangerous.
Once you get addicted to Demerol, it becomes quite difficult to quit even if you want to. While leaving, there are symptoms like anxiety and nausea. This can make you relapse easily to feel better and making it difficult to get on the program again.
Understanding Demerol (Meperidine)
Demerol is classified under the schedule II controlled substance by the Controlled Substance Act. It cannot be obtained without a prescription given by the doctor. Some of the abusers of Demerol buy it from the streets under the names- dillies, D, or Dust.
Demerol comes in the form of both liquid as well as a tablet. The tablets are circular, 50 mg or 100 mg in strength. While in liquid state professional use it as an injectable solution.
Demerol Effects and Abuse
Many people do not even realize that they are addicted to Demerol. You start taking it as the prescription in the starting, but as you begin taking it, your body starts developing tolerance toward it. When the tolerance increases and stops feeling relaxed, you increase the dosage, which ultimately leads to the addiction.
When the doctor gives the prescription to the patient, he does not expect the patient to abuse that. But some do abuse it in the following ways
• Chewing the tablet
• Crushing the tablet and snorting it
• Crushing the powder, dissolving it with water and then injecting it
Demerol can be as dangerous as the chances of an overdose are very high. Some of the common symptoms you will be facing while abusing it are:
• Stupor
• Extreme drowsiness
• Weak or limp muscles
• Hypothermia
• Cold, clammy skin
• Coma
With other drugs
Demerol alone is quite an active drug, and if an addict mixes it with others, then it increases the chances of overdose even further. You should not combine it with other medications, mainly, which affects your Central Nervous System like alcohol or benzodiazepines. This could lead to extreme sedation, overdose, and even death.
As the stimulants and Demerol work against each other, it can be quite dangerous. They can cut each other effects depending upon their strength. This could eventually lead you to take more drugs and will cause an overdose. Combining them is called the “speedballing.”
When you visit the doctor, and he is about to prescribe you the Demerol then you should take the following care.
• You should tell him about all the allergies you have.
• Medical condition like brain injury, breathing problems, liver disease.
• Should be used for a short period
• Should not be used by people like children, an old citizen, pregnant women.
Addiction to Demerol is dangerous can happen to anyone, so you should not feel ashamed about it. In this addiction, you get entirely dependent on the prescribed drugs which cannot be detoxified by you quickly. So you should get the treatment from the rehabilitation center for this problem as soon as possible.
There are chances of you getting some withdrawal symptoms while getting the treatment and getting back to the old ways. For this, you can always take help by joining the support group, counseling- group, or individual.
If you do not decide to quit this problem quickly, then you might end up in a hospital or cemetery. So the choice is yours.

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