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Ecstasy is a version as MDMA or 3,4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine. The ecstasy is an illegal and synthetic drug. It is categorized as a stimulant with hallucinogenic properties. The MDMA another name is molly. Both ecstasy and molly are prepared from MDMA.

Ecstasy is used to describe a designed in tablet form or as a pill, while molly is a crystal-like substance or a white powder.
Molly is sold in the pure form of MDMA. Users don’t know what is present in it. Both ecstasy and molly can be cut with other ingredients such as:

· Caffeine
· Heroin
· Cocaine
· Rat poison
· Amphetamine

MDMA is challenging to come in its pure form. Drugs are illegally smuggled into the United States from Canada. MDMA is categorized under Schedule I controlled substance. It has no approved medical use. Drug has a high potential for abuse.

Ecstasy side-effects and abuse

When a person takes ecstasy or molly, he feels friendliness, happiness, and well-being. The drug enhances the user’s sound, smell, sense of sight, and touch. Ecstasy and molly are found common at raves and dance clubs that allows a user to take benefit of their heightened sensations.

Side-effects of ecstasy include:

· Lowered inhibitions
· Calmness and relaxation
· Heightened senses
· Empathy for others
· Long lasting energy
· Euphoria

Like other drugs, molly and ecstasy also interact with the brain’s pleasure center and with the natural levels of dopamine.
Once a person takes ecstasy, it lasts between 3 to 5 hours. It depends upon different factors such as body weight, age, amount of dosage taken, gender, the method of administration — ecstasy’s last for up to 8 hours in the body.

The effect of the ecstasy lasts in the body from days to several weeks.

As ecstasy is illegal to use, hence any use of ecstasy is a crime. There are a few versions of ecstasy and molly that do not contain MDMA at all. The person who buys such form is none the wiser. MDMA is replaced with para methoxyamphetamine. Paramethoxyamphetamine creates feeling equal to MDMA, but the onset is longer. The lethal dose is less, so users take a higher dose to achieve the feeling same as the MDMA.

When a person consumes a high dose of ecstasy means, he is taking a more recreational dose. Ecstasy overdose leads to seizures, a spike in the body temperature, foaming at the mouth. These can also lead to heart stroke or a severe heart condition, both of which can lead to death.

Ecstasy and other drugs

It is the most commonly used as a party drug. Ecstasy is popular among university students, especially at concerts and raves. Studies demonstrate that one out of every ten university student has experienced the drug. The rates of polydrug abuse are much higher among ecstasy users than another group of drug users.
One of the research found that 98 percent of university students who used ecstasy are also addicted to marijuana. Ecstasy abusers were far more likely to abuse LSD, cocaine, inhalants, and heroin
If you or someone in your family is addicted ecstasy, then you must consult a doctor right away.

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