Drug Recovery Programs- Find Your Way Out Of The Darkness.

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Drug Recovery Programs- Find Your Way Out Of The Darkness.

The number of drug or alcohol addicts is spreading widely to people of different age groups, diversities, places, etc. rapidly increasing. Once started or even tried the drug, the addict soon finds himself craving for more, and in no time this becomes an addiction. The addict becomes physically and psychologically, dependent on the illicit substance. Without the use of the drug, the addict starts becoming impatient and aggressive. Quitting drugs requires strong willpower, but it still is strictly impossible to do it on your own. The various Drug Addiction Programs help different people to deal with their addiction in the best-suited way comfortable to them.

How do These Programs Work?

Every person tries a drug for the first time thinking he’s just giving one shot to “try and experience the drug”. But soon he gets the urge to give another chance, and thus the cycle begins. With time, the guilt or thought of ill effects of the addiction goes away as addict no longer has a stable psychological state of thinking straight. Within no time, the quantity and frequency of drug use increases. With such heavy and frequent drug doses, the brain cells start collapsing and thus reducing his tendency to perform normal daily physical and mental activities.

First Step Towards Recovery

The journey to the recovery begins when the addict first decides to quit the drugs. Leaving drugs and then leading a sober, drug-free life is not an easy task. An addict’s body is used to frequent doses of medications, and on immediately cutting the intake of drugs, the person reacts out violently, and his body also shows severe consequences. These may include body ache, throwing up food, headache, mood swings, shaking and trembling hands and legs, etc.

Drug Treatment Process

Different options are available for addiction rehabs for addicts. They have options to choose from, depending on their comfort and requirement. There are four basic kinds of rehabs available for drug addicts.

• Outpatient Rehabs are the primary and most straightforward of all the options. These rehabs include regular clinical visits once or twice a week. These come for the ones who are new on drugs or have a minimal quantity of drugs in their system. This treatment is best suited for those who want to deal with and end their addiction in their way.

• Intensive Outpatient Treatment or Day Treatment Programs is like the previous one with just one additional thing that the visits to the rehab clinics occur more often and are for longer durations.

• Inpatient Program is the treatment specially designed for the heavy drug addicts. This treatment requires the addict to stay in rehab under the surveillance of expert therapists and doctors. This program is specially designed to check on the withdrawal and detox stage, so the patient doesn’t tend to use the drugs again and also carries a healthy lifestyle after successfully quitting the addiction. Group discussions, therapies, seminars and other interactive sessions such as art, theatre, music are regularly held to keep the good, healthy and happy vibe within the addicts.

• Intensive Inpatient Hospitalization is the extreme case of addicts who have failed to quit using the other ways. In this treatment, the patient stays within the hospital under a team of doctors and nurses all the time. All measures are taken to make sure the person does not lapse or take drugs during quitting or withdrawal phase.

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