Drug Addiction- How It Began.

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Drug Addiction- How It Began.

Addiction to any drug is known as Substance Use Disorder. Every addict has a different story as to how he first tried his medication, but it all leads to the same road. Most of the people begin the drug with occasional use, but with some passage of time, their body system and brain get used to the medicine, and hence the addiction worsens. In no period, the person is turned to a drug abuser. Loss of appetite, Uneven or Irregular gain/loss of weight, skin turning pale, yellow fingertips, decreased mental sharpness, loss of interest in society or family, etc. are some of the worse effects of drug addiction.

How does it go from Drug Use to Drug Abuse?

The use of any drug gives a pleasing, high feeling in the beginning. And this indeed becomes a more frequent need of the addict. Social and personal circle of such a person also decreases as he spends most of his time with other junkies or remains high most of the times. Carrying out a healthy lifestyle without the usage of their drug becomes an impossible deed. With continuous use of the drug, the effects become almost fatal. Addicts often fail to overcome their will to quit and end up losing their life. On the other hand, many join rehabilitations and with continuous efforts, come out as a healthy individual and also lead to the path of serenity.

Various Treatments for Drug Addicts

Rehabilitation centres are the most effective and easily accessible option to deal with drug addiction. There are two different options available in this treatment, the Inpatient rehabs and the Outpatient Rehabs. The standard system of both the rehabs is the same, the only difference being that the patient needs to live under the surveillance of the experts and doctors in inpatient rehabs while in outpatient rehabs, the patients can leave after the session and live a healthy social and personal life at home.

Outpatient Rehabs are the simple rehabs that have a set of sessions and activities that help the patient to heal, learn and grow. The program consists of several rounds of different meetings as group discussions, counselling and other activities such as art, music, theatre, etc. to distract and teach healthy living habits in them. The Outpatient Program further consists of two kinds of rehabs; The Outpatient Day Program generally commit to meetings around 5-7 days a week and the other one being The Intensive Outpatient Program in which certain milestones or goals are set and as one meets them, his sessions to the program per week decrease. Thus the person can continue his healthy life too along with his therapy.

Inpatient Rehabs

In the inpatient rehab, the addict has to stay within the rehab premises for the specific amount of time of his program. Certain kind of highly addicting drugs such as heroin, oxycodone and cocaine are best treated and also recommended in the inpatient rehabs. In such rehabs, proper care is taken of the addict during the withdrawal phase when he gets weak and tries to make amends to score the drug but is unable because of the strict rules and measure of the rehab.

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