Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Drug usage and addiction is a chronic disease which overpowers the average thinking ability of the brain. Each drug has a different effect on the human body and mind. A drug addict gets the urge to take medicine as soon as it starts flushing out of his system and this urge makes him an addict May it is a junkie or a stoner, they all have the same story that led them to be an addict. Such a person, even with a strong will, cannot easily overcome drug abuse and addiction.

Rehab Treatment Programs Offered

It’s a long road from getting together one’s willpower to quit the drug to remain sober for the rest of the time successfully. This habit of drug abuse and addiction profoundly inhibits in the system of an addict, and such a person then needs a Drug Addiction Rehab, having a choice between the inpatient and the outpatient drug rehabs.

Outpatient Rehabs

Outpatient Rehab offers a particular set of programs and sessions for a certain amount of time of the day. In such rehabs, the patient can go to his house after the sessions. The personal and social life of the person remains unaffected.

The Outpatient Day Program generally commit to meetings around 5-7 days a week. This program enables the patient to participate in various sessions and activities such as group discussing, group and solo counselling, bio feed, adjacent therapies such as music, dance, art, etc.
Intensive Outpatient Program is a smarter and more comfortable option. In this, certain milestones or goals are set, and as one meets them, his commitment to the program per week decreases. Hence a person can get begin his regular day job or chores as he starts getting better.

Inpatient Rehabs

The root of both the rehabs is the same, but both offer different programs. The inpatient rehab requires the addict to stay within the rehab premises for the specific amount of time of his plan. For a person with a long history or a heavy abuser of drugs, this program is mostly considered. Some drug addictions and abuse as heroin, oxycodone and cocaine are best treated and also recommended in the inpatient rehabs.

Who should choose this program?

For people with lesser self-control when it comes to drugs shouldn’t think twice for joining this program. This program requires a person to stay under the surveillance of a professional set of doctors and experts who monitor every single activity of the person, such as his sleep cycle, daily routines and schedule, habits, etc. Closely tracking the addict much helps in his better recovery. It takes quite a long time for flushing out the drugs from the system. It requires not only quitting the drug but also a detox program. The programs are tailored to fit each’s a lifestyle and suit his body. Apart from the detoxification, the program includes group therapies and meetings which help build up a mutual connection between the inmates. Such interactions morally encourage the addicts and thus develop a mass desire to heal and grow. This program is best suited to help the withdrawal phase in which the desire to use the drug urges.

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