Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and Driving

Driving a vehicle makes you responsible for you and others life. So mixing drinking and driving is the irresponsible and dangerous thing to do. When you combine these two things, then you are also breaking the law even and refers to driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). You might think that a small amount is not harmful, but you are wrong. Some drivers might not even show the signs, but they are risking the life of oneself and others.
People who binge drink or are struggling from alcohol use disorder (AUD) – who drinks a large amount of alcohol in a short period, is the largest group who are drinking and driving.
A person’s body takes around 30 minutes to two hours to absorb the alcohol into the bloodstream. So during this time, driving a vehicle makes you dangerous for yourself and others.
So if you or your loved one has this kind of habit then it necessary to get treatment for the alcoholism from the rehabilitation centre.

Dangers of drunk driving

Alcohol in the bloodstream affects your driving even if it is in a small amount. Whereas safe driving requires skills like concentration, good judgment and quick reaction to emergencies. All this is get affected when you are drinking and driving.
Here are several reasons why drinking and driving is a dangerous combination:

Reaction time

There are always different circumstances on the road, which requires quick reaction time, but even a small amount of alcohol in your system does affect your reaction time by slowing it down. This could put you and the people on the road at risk of an injury or even life.

Lack of coordination

Driving requires proper coordination between your whole body. But drinking affects your motor nerve also, which is responsible for any coordinated movement of the body.
It doesn’t matter how much a small amount of alcohol you have consumed; your focus is going to be affected. Without the level, you would not be able to stay in one lane, maintain your speed, watch out for the traffic lights and other cars on the road. Because of drinking, your concentration will be going to reduce, which could lead to an accident.

Decreased vision

Excessive alcohol consumption affects your image also. After drinking, you might not be able to see clearly or blurred vision and even sometimes not able to control your eye movement. So when you are not able to see, there is a significant number of chances you being in an accident.

Inhibit judgment

While driving judgment over speed, time and distance are very important. If you are driving while drinking, it makes it difficult for you to judge the potential problems you are going to face on the road. For example, if a person in other vehicle cuts you off, then you have, you have to be quick in judging the situation and react accordingly.

People at risk

Drinking and driving put many people at risk causing injuries, even the fatal one. When you drink and drive you not only your life at risk but also the experience of others.
Underage drinking and driving are one of the dangerous group which is drinking and driving. This group ranges from 16-20 years. For them, various drives are going on to motivate them to not to drink and drive and keep their adolescents safe.

The second highest after this group is the age group between 21-24-year-old. Many of these are the binge drinkers. Or you can say the group of college students and young professionals who attend the parties and other social events. While drinking and driving you not only risk the life of themselves but also the presence of other people who are driving and the pedestrians. So for the betterment of all, you should get the treatment of the alcoholism from the rehabilitation centre.

Drinking and driving laws

Each state has different rules for the DUI such as fines, jail time and even revoked or suspend a license. There is also a requirement of community services or alcoholism treatment, depending upon the charged.
There is also an aim for zero tolerance law to be enacted, aiming the adolescents who get behind the wheel after drinking.
The Legal age for drinking is 21 in the United States, and if you are found drinking and driving underage, you will be charged with severe legal penalties.
A DUI or DWI conviction can create a significant impact on your life, costing you things like your employment opportunities, financial difficulties and possible jail time. So do not drink and drive.

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