Dilaudid Drugs Addiction and Its Side Effects - The Rehab Treatment

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Dilaudid Drugs Addiction and Its Side Effects - The Rehab Treatment

Dilaudid is a powerful synthetic drug which is used to treat the moderate to severe pain. If you are not alert while using it, then there are more chances of you getting addicted to it within a small period.
The generic name of Dilaudid is “hydromorphone” and belongs to the class of opioid (narcotics) analgesics drug. It works in the brain of the patient and changing the good feels and reacts to the pain. If you are using the Dilaudid for more than two to three weeks, then you start developing tolerance towards it. This tolerance makes you take more frequent doses for the desired result and slowly making you an addict.

You are using the Dilaudid for an extended period without any reason and wants to quit it but is unable to do so then you are an addict. Some of the other common signs that can make you realize that you are an addict are:
• Obsessed for the next dose
• Spending an excessive amount of money on drugs
• Needing more massive doses of Dilaudid.
• Neglecting friends and family for drugs
• Failing to keep up with responsibilities.
• Stealing
• Forging prescriptions for Dilaudid.
• Doctor Shopping
It is also common for the addicts of Dilaudid to move towards the world of crime in search of more drugs.

Understanding Dilaudid (hydromorphone)

Dilaudid is a drug that attaches to the receptors of the brain and Central Nervous System. This causes in the ease of the pain. When it is taken, it also affects the pleasure centres of the brain, making you feel pleasant and relaxed.
Dilaudid is prescribed by the doctor when the patient is suffering from the pain related to cancer and serious injuries. Its effects start taking place within 15 minutes and last up to 6 hours.
Addicts who suffer from this addiction buy these drugs from the street also by using the common street names like Dillies, Big D, M-80s and peaches.

Drug combinations

The addict who is suffering from the problem of Dilaudid addiction forms a tolerance toward the drugs. This made them mix the medication with alcohol and benzodiazepines to get better results. These three drugs affect the central nervous system and act as a depressant.
The mixture may make you feel good, but it also increases the chances of getting your heart rate slow or breathing problem. This kind of addiction will ultimately lead you towards the fatal overdose.
If you are addicted to Dilaudid addiction and keep on mixing the drug with others to feel relax or replicate the rush. This is not a good sign as you can move toward the other stronger drugs like heroin, which is more easily accessible.

Abuse and Effects

Dilaudid is prescribed by the doctor to ease the pain, but when the patient gets addicted to it, he\she starts abusing it in different ways like:
• Injecting: as the effects are stronger than swallowing it.
• Crushing the pill and snorting it.
• Mixing with other drugs.
These are the common ways in which addicts abuse the medication.

Some patient does not feel the pain relief that was expected and take a higher dose, which can cause an overdose. Of course, addicts can also suffer an overdose. High doses of Dilaudid can cause low blood pressure, slow breathing. There are some other signs of Dilaudid overdose like:
• Vomiting
• Unconsciousness
• Shallow breathing
• Bluish-coloured lips
• Weak pulse
• Pinpoint pupils


Addiction to the Dilaudid drug is not similar to other habits. This addiction is caused by prescribed medication, which is also a strong one.

If you try to get the treatment for the Dilaudid addiction by yourself, then there is a significant number of chances of getting a relapse. So it is better to get help from the Dilaudid addiction centre, which can make it easier to quit. Getting the treatment from the addiction centre can help you by providing the counselling and medication for the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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