Crack Cocaine

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Crack Cocaine

The originality of Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is derived from the primary form of Cocaine but is more addictive and stronger than Cocaine. It is available in a reliable way, and the colour varies from pale yellowish to rosy white. The shape and size of it vary with the process of manufacturing. It is extracted from leaves of the Cocoa plant. It is derived from the same plant as Crack. On burning, it smells like burning of rubber or plastic.

Crack Cocaine is generally available in two forms:

Cocaine Hydrochloride is a white powdered form of Cocaine. It resembles the baby talcum powder in colour and texture. Drug dealers add typically baby powder to the pure form of Cocaine to increase their profits.

Crack Cocaine is solid and rock-like structure, generally white. Unlike other illicit drugs, it isn’t in crystalline form.

Addiction to Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine is highly addictive. Most addicts develop an addiction to this drug after the first few uses. The high feeling after the usage of this drug is much more than the regular Cocaine but lasts only for a short period of 15 minutes. The short-lived effect of this drug urges the addict to use it more often. As the frequency of doses increases, the body builds up a tolerance towards it. In such a situation, the addict increases the quantity of the dose and takes it more often.

Short-term side effects of drugs include:

● Frequent mood swings.

● Explosive energy.

● Increased sensitivity to touch, taste, and smell.

● Hoarseness.
● A sore throat.

● Dilated pupils.

● Loss of appetite and sleep.

● Rapid speech.

● Anxieties.

Long-Term side effects of Crack

People addicted to crack are generally already cocaine addicts. Crack is cheaper than Cocaine. So it is readily available to every person. But as the person becomes an addict, the dosage of drug increases. The person tends to take the drug dose more often. An addict spends a substantial amount of money on drugs per week.

Effects on the brain:

Crack has the worst impact on the brain. It slows the thinking ability and memory of the person. Abnormal dilation of blood vessels and brain haemorrhage. It can also affect the Dopamine production and voluntary movements controlled by the brain. The involuntary actions such as heartbeat, dilation of pupils, blinking of eyes, etc. are also affected. Seizures and strokes may also be experienced due to abnormal functioning of the brain. Improper working of the Circulatory system, as a result of damage to brain cells, is also observed.

Effects on Heart:

Another Chronic impact of long-term use of CCrack is haltered working of the heart. It may further lead to the following issues:

● Increased heart rate and blood pressure.

● Consistent pain in the chest.

● Increased risk to heart attack, heart failure, and Cardiac Arrhythmias.

● The risk of a sudden heart seizure.

Effects on the lungs:

As the Crack is smoked up, the lungs have the maximum risk of damage. The type of problems faced varies depending on the drug cycle of the addict.
But the underlying issues that every addict faces are listed below:

● Pain in the chest.

● Increased risk of asthma or breathing issues.

● I am coughing blood or sputum.

● Internal bleeding of the lungs.

● Effects on the Nose.

● Loss of sense of smell.

● Coughing.

● Damage of Nasal Tissues.

● Ulcers in the nasal area and throat.

● Sinus infections
● Nosebleeds.

Psychological Effects:

● Depression.

● Anxieties.

● Stress.

● Insomnia.

● Hallucinations.

● Restlessness.

● Aggressive and Violent Behavior.

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