Concreta Side Effects : Drug Dosage Abuse and Addiction, Medication

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Concreta Side Effects : Drug Dosage Abuse and Addiction, Medication

Before knowing the side effects of concreta lets us have a look at what is concreta? And why is it consumed? How to consume? What are the side effects of concreta? How to control concreta addiction?


What is Concreta? And why is it consumed?


Concreta is a drug used to stimulate the central nervous system and treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder in both adults and children. People suffering from this disorder cant focus on things that have poor time management; they will be either hyperactive or restless. They are very impulsive and have low frustration tolerance. The only drug that can control this disorder is Conreta when consumed in the right way.


How to consume Concreta?


Concreta can become an addiction if a heavy dose is consumed. So, it is recommended to consume it as per the prescription is given by the doctor. A doctor may change the dose of concreta occasionally. Also, never share your Concreta with anyone.

Consume the whole tablet, don’t break it as too much of the drug will be released at a time. You should not consume alcohol while you are on medication as it helps concreta to mix with blood. Store it in a cool and dry place. Go for frequent check-ups while consuming Concreta.

If you want to prevent sleep problems, then take Concreta in the morning, and never inject concreta directly into the body. Consume Concreta in small doses as it is beneficial.

Stop consuming concreta when you want to have surgery and show your previous prescription to the surgeon. Keep track of your medicine as it is a drug of abuse.

It is not suggested to take Concreta when you are nursing a baby by breastfeeding, consult a doctor before consuming it.

The recommended dose of Concreta is 18-72 mg per day. Don’t consume it when you are on medication to antidepressants. Also, don’t consume it for the long run until the doctor recommends it. When used for a long run, Concreta doesn’t show any effect after some time.


Side effects of concreta:


Concreta comes along with a lot of side effects when consumed in high doses. The side effects are long term because concreta is a nonmedical drug. People who are intoxicated are more effected and addicted to concreta. When Concreta dosage becomes high, the normal connection between brain cells becomes disrupted. There are severe consequences of excess usage of concreta. They are:

1. Loss of appetite:

People with an excess amount of Concreta in there body don’t have a proper appetite. They don’t even know what they are eating and don’t give much importance to food.

2. Sleep problems:

When you just started using Concreta, you will not suffer from any sleeping issues, but as time passes and if you continue using Concreta, then you will be thrown into Insomnia. Insomnia is a state where a person becomes deprived of sleep.

3.Nervousness :

If you observe people who are high on Concreta get nervous about silly things and run away feeling tensed, they can’t handle any stress.

4. Stroke:

If people who are on Concreta medication are more likely to get attacked by a cardiac stroke when pushed into stressful situations.

5. Mental confusion:

People high on Concreta can take a decision properly and get confused even if there are no more than two options to choose. They are more inclined to mental confusion.

6. High body temperature:

Excess amount of Concreta increases the body temperature, and the person will not be active at all.

7. Increased blood pressure:

The main effect Concreta causes is when it gets mixed with blood and increases the blood pressure, which makes the person more aggressive and irritated.

8. Severe weight loss:

Due to lack of appetite, the person who is high on Concreta loses a lot of weight and becomes lean.

9. Numbness

Overdosage of Concreta can make a person numb and emotionless. The person won’t feel anything happening to his body or in the surroundings.

10. Hallucinations:

A person starts imagining things that are unreal and situations that won’t happen in real life at all. They begin to live in an imaginary world created by them.

  1.  Increase in heartbeat rate:

People on medication of Concreta get profoundly affected even on the small information given to them, which makes them nervous and increase their heartbeat rate from normal to maximum.

11. Blurry image:

When a person constantly consumes Concreta, they probably go in an unconscious state where they can’t see anything clearly, and everything is blurry to them.

12. Skin rashes:

Rashes on the skin is a sign that a person is having an overdose of a drug. They intend to scratch their body as the rashes give an itching sensation and the starches even bleed when the person is aggressive.

The above are the significant effects faced by a person who is high on Concreta. There are still a few effects which are sub effects of the main results. Concreta should not interact with any other medicine. When you are on Concreta medication, you are not supposed to use any other medicines as there are chances that they both can mix and cause harmful reactions.

How to overcome concreta addiction?

It is really hard to come over an addiction, but there are ways which can help you overcome any addictions. There are many rehabilitation centers where you can overcome your addiction. If you cant do it all by yourself, then you can take the help of others by going to rehab centers.

Firstly you have to decide to overcome the addiction and next cut down the expenses you spend on your addiction. Don’t completely stop consuming; try to decrease the quantity daily, and detox your body. Surely, there will be one fine day when you will stop consuming it.

If you cant help yourself out, then no worries, addiction center has got rehab for Concreta. You can take help from them. There are many rehab centers nowadays, which not only show you a way to come out of your addiction but also be with you along the whole journey.


Concreta helps to overcome ADHD(attention deficit hyperactive disorder) when taken in the right amounts as prescribed by the doctor. So, try not to consume this drug without seeking advice about what effects it can have on your body.

Also, keep it out of reach of children.






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