Codeine Uses - Cough Suppressant Drug - The Rehab Addiction Treatment

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Codeine Uses - Cough Suppressant Drug - The Rehab Addiction Treatment

Codeine is an opiate (also known as narcotic) that is used for the treatment of diseases like pain relief, diarrhea, and cough. It is typically used for the treatment of the mild to moderate level of pain. Codeine comes in the form of a tablet and as the main ingredient for a prescribed cough suppressant. The street name of codeine is schoolboy, cough syrup, t-three’s and cities.

Your body is susceptible to some diseases, and there are drugs which can help us out. You might be using the prescribed medication, but the human body is capable of getting adaptable or tolerant of those drugs, and for that, you keep on increasing the dosage every time. This continuous increase of prescription drugs can make you dependent on these drugs or maybe worse by making you an addict.
Codeine is also a similar type of drug made up of opiates and if not used with proper guidance can make you an addict.

Effects and Abuse

The intake of codeine always starts innocently that is by taking it with a prescription for a cough as a syrup. Codeine is considered to be less potent and dangerous than other drugs, so the availability of these drugs quite easy.

Effects of codeine include:
• Apathy
• Euphoria
• Drowsiness
• Relaxation

Codeine being an opiate makes it more dangerous of you, forming a tolerance toward it and eventually getting dependent on it. People might have started the use of codeine for the legitimate reason, but as the use increase, they form tolerance. This leads them to use it to cope with their emotional pain as well. If you or the person you know is suffering from this problem should immediately get help from the addiction centers.
Although initially, you might feel the addiction of codeine harmless and relaxing, side effects of it may range from constipation to blindness and respiratory failure. Codeine can also lead to the fatal problem if taken in a large amount


Codeine is the gateway to other drugs like morphine and even heroin.

Addiction to codeine is dangerous as you might not even know that you are addicted to it. It develops mainly when you start taking it for a cough as a medicine, but as time passes and you become dependent on it, giving you the false sense of security. This sense of security can also be considered as a sign that you are getting addicted to codeine, and there is a need to get treatment from the rehabilitation center. This is necessary because this addiction does not stop there and will eventually lead to the addition of other drugs like morphine, oxycodone, or even heroin.

Codeine and other drugs

Some people might think that thing written above are in exaggerated, and codeine is harmless, but codeine can be the initial point of the more extensive web of addiction.

Purple Drank

Purple drank is the popular form of the recreational drug made with the help of the codeine cough syrup. This is caused by mixing the soft drinks such as sprite and mountain dew with the codeine syrup to consume in the large amount.

Overcoming the Addiction

Codeine is a prescription drug, but abuse of it can lead you to the dangerous and potentially deadly drugs. If the treatment for this is not done on time then it can get your life out of control.
When you take multiple drugs at the same time, various reactions take place in your body, changing the treatment for the addiction accordingly. So you should be truthful to the doctor while getting the treatment as this can change the whole procedure. If you are not accurate to the doctor, then there are chances of not getting the drugs out of the system during detoxification.

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