Cigna Health Insurance For Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Abuse & Treatment

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Affordable health care services are available to those who seek recovery from addiction. Cigna health care services insurance plan covers the addiction treatment as well as mental health issues. A global healthcare services company provides coverage to more than 15 million people around the world and has more than 86 million customer relationships.

Cigna was ranked at 79 in 2016 in the Fortune 500 list. Cigna has a presence in 30 countries and offers health insurance products and services via a variety of subsidiaries. Cigna offers healthcare insurance coverage options to employers for its employees, families, and also provide Medicare insurance coverage to eligible individuals in approximately half of the states of the US.
Although the coverage plan depends on the individual project, recovery services that consist of:
• Detoxification
• Drug Rehabilitation
• Alcohol Rehabilitation
• Addiction treatment counseling
• Mental Health Coverage
• Behavioral health services

Addiction Resources Provided by Cigna

Those who are facing drug and alcohol addiction, to cover them better, Cigna provided a Behavioral Health division. In addition to it, Cigna providing many tools and podcasts for an individual and family members and division also include an education series.
Cigna’s education series is free of cost and provide information on the physical, mental, and cognitive signs of addiction. Every lesson helps in advising on recovery to an individual as well as to family members.
Cigna’s seminar provides information on addiction and substance abuse. These seminars are not intended to replace the care of a doctor or specialist. It is always advisable to consult a medical professional for the treatment according to the condition.

Policy Coverage Under Cigna for Substance Abuse

The benefits and coverage depend upon the plan an individual has chosen. There are some tiers to cover the program like a Bronze plan that offers a lower premium, but higher deductibles are taken and some time out of pocket expenses. In the case of Gold and Platinum plans, coverage is more comprehensive, but deductibles are lower.
In the journey of recovery, the insurance coverage and expenses depend mainly on types of plan and state you reside in. It is advisable to contact the healthcare insurance provider to know the insurance policy and to know the treatment services that are covered under the plan.

Cigna Connect HSA Bronze 5500

• The estimated yearly cost is $11,500
• Annual Deductible charged $5,500
• Yearly Out of pocket maximum: $6,650
• In-Network Co-pays: 30 percent co-insurance provided after deductible for pharmacy and medical services
• Out of network services are not covered

Is Treatment Centers Need to be In-Network?

All Cigna plans do not require the treatment centers to be In-Network, the critical point to note is that to use out of the network treatment, expenses could increase. However, some plans cover certain portions after a deductible or co-insurance is met.

A pre-certification is required for out of the network treatment services. This also includes Cigna to review the request against nationally recognized guidelines. For the plan that requires a pre-certification, Cigna determines which services should be covered based on the treatment plan. Before going to treatment, refer to the policy or contact the number on the backside of the insurance card to ensure what treatment options are covered for you.

Inpatient Treatment Coverage Under Cigna

Some of the Inpatient substance abuse treatment programs that Cigna could cover are:
• Acute Inpatient Substance Abuse and Drug Detoxification
• Inpatient Treatment for Substance and Drug abuse Disorders
• Partial Hospitalization for Drug and Substance Abuse
Some of the insurance coverage and out of pocket expenses varies depending on the specific plan chosen and the location you are residing in. Several estimates break down according to the plan’s tiers: Bronze plan, Silver plan, a Gold plan, and Platinum plan.

Cigna Coverage for Outpatient Treatment

Some of the Outpatient rehab services that are commonly covered under Cigna plan include:
• Individual, Family and Group Therapy
• Intensive Outpatient Treatment
• Substance Abuse and Drug Detoxification
• Medication Management
• Anti-Craving Medication Management

How to Pay for the Costs Not Covered Under Cigna Plan?

What is essential after making a decision is that do not let the costs determine the treatment that you deserve. Our specialist will help you find the high-quality treatment services option and determining the price according to the treatment required. There is a vast range of treatment methods available to help you with treatment expenses outside of your insurance coverage for healthcare.
Contact us now; our specialist team will surely help you whether you are covered under the insurance plan you have taken for the treatment in need.

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