Binge Drinking

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Binge Drinking

Drinking is often considered social norms these days. Mostly at gatherings and formal dinners, one is expected to drink, while raising a glass of wine in between. It is often difficult for people to say no, as social and peer pressure often forces them to drink in environments which otherwise they would avoid. Often people seem to let themselves go at such functions. Enjoying a drink or two at social gatherings isn’t bad, as long as the person sticks to a few rounds.

What is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking is often described as the practice of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a small-time. When a mal drinks more than 5 pegs of alcohol are less than two hours, it is considered binge drinking. The same limit for women differs, as they have a slower metabolism. The actual levels of Binge Drinking fall around 0.08 grams of alcohol in 100 grams of blood.

When a person binge drinks, they often end up consuming a large quantity of alcohol in a short time. As a result, their body is low on water and blood gets loaded with alcohol. As the person enters an inebriated state, they might face certain hardships during the period.

In a recent survey of college students, students confessed to having binge drunk at least twice in their lives. At a young age, the body is quite fresh and abundant in health, so it can sustain harmful activities like Binge drinking. However, this not weakens the body. People above the age of 40 who binge drink often have a hard time during mornings. Their body feels weak, thin and they often feel a loss in energy.

Harmful effects of Binge drinking    

There are many harmful effects of drinking, so seriously pose a risk to the health of the people who tend to overly enjoy the foreign liquid. Those who hinge drink can are be putting their life into great danger, as many reasons are listed below.

  • People that consume a large quantity of alcohol in a single night often face the risk of various diseases.
  • Repeated drinking can weaken the stomach and can also produce various gastro problems which might result in controlled dieting. Alcohol also affects the joints in our body. Binge drinking can give all sorts of pain to the drinker.
  • Usually, when people binge drink, they consume less water and less food, leaving the body low on water and energy. During such times, the person runs a high risk of heatstroke and severe dehydration.
  • High levels of alcohol can also reduce the motor skills of a person, making them more prone to accidents and self-injuries. Driving in an inebriated state is also quite dangerous, as the person is not only risking his own life, but also those of around him on the road. High alcohol amounts can also clog a person’s judgement, making them take irrational decisions

There are many harmful effects of alcohol. Every year, many thousands of people lose their life in alcohol-related incidents. Thus it is up to the people to drink and enjoy responsibly. Also, people who go out for drinking must refrain from driving if they have consumed for than two pints of beer. Even such an amount of alcohol in the blood can prove fatal for a person.

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