Beacon Health Options Insurance

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Beacon Health Options Insurance

For more than 30 years, Beacon is helping people by improving their behavioral health conditions. They are serving over 40 million people across the 50 states. It offers superior clinical mental health, employee assistance programs, work/life support, special programs for autism and depression. They offer a broad network of health providers and facilities so that the patients can get the right treatments at the right time. It’s headquarters are situated in Boston, with more than 70 locations across the US. Beacon has partnerships with 65 health plans serving commercial, FEP, Medicare, Medicaid and exchange population.


Beacon’s healthcare system helps you to keep your mind focused on your loved one’s recovery. It provides 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year to respond to all providers, members including emergency, urgency and routine calls.


Informing Members about Their Rights


  • Providers are required to distribute the written copies of Member Rights and Responsibilities at the initiation of every treatment episode.
  • Beacon does not restrict the communication between the contracted providers and the members regarding all treatment options.
  • Beacon does not provide any financial incentives to the contracted providers regarding the necessary treatments to the members.
  • Clinicians also do not get any incentive to limit or deny any medical care.


Beacon Health Option Policy Coverage


The policy plans Beacon offers tremendously vary depending upon the type of amount coverage, type of treatments and various medical needs. Although the majority of the company’s plans provide abuse treatments, types of substances with some plans included primarily or exclusively. Beacon provides some emergency service protection if your plan includes a provided network feature. Some of the plans will not be applied to you if your plan does not cover the following :


  • Medicare supplement plan
  • Medicare advantage plan
  • Self-insured group health plan
  • Medicaid fee for service


Inpatient Treatments


Beacon Health Options Inc. mostly provide inpatient rehab services. Although the exact coverage is determined by the plan you buy. In most cases Beacon provides services to the Inpatient Treatments except the cases where it is an emergency situation or the patient had no idea that the provider is out-of-network. Plan holders have to pay copays and reach the deductibles in a certain amount of time so that when treatment is needed Beacon can provide services. Some of the plans that Beacon Health Options provide are –


  • Screening and assessment
  • Medical exams
  • Detox
  • Inpatient rehab stays
  • Psychiatric evaluation and therapy


Outpatient Treatments


Beacon also covers a wide range of providing outpatient treatments in such cases where it’s an emergency or accidental situation. Some cases are covered by Beacon fully or partially. The type of amount coverage they offer generally vary between the plans you choose for yourself. In all circumstances the plan holders have to pay copays and meet the deductibles before Beacon can contribute. Generally outpatient treatment plans are less expensive than outpatient services.


There are many families who decide not to seek addiction treatment when they get to know the potential cost of rehabilitation programs. However there are other plans like government, federal, state, local that will help raising funds. Other options include self pay. But one should remember that the long term costs of addiction is much greater than the costs of rehab.

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