Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Muscle - The Rehab Treatment

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Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids on Muscle - The Rehab Treatment

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are the stimulant that includes natural androgens like testosterone as well as a synthetic androgen.
People use or abuse the steroids to look, fitter, build muscles faster and enhance performance. Though the effect of the steroids is entirely different from the other addictive substance, those who use it regularly can get addicted to it.

Anabolic steroid can also be used for medical purposes like:
• Delayed puberty
• Muscle loss due to disease
• Hormone imbalances in men
• A certain type of anaemia

When a person takes the anabolic steroid, the muscle build-up is boosted for some time, but after some time it stops working. If you try to leave it, then there is a chance that you may get back to your old shape. There can be other withdrawal symptoms also, which can be the sign of an addiction.
• Spending a large amount of money and time
• Ignoring responsibilities at work or home
• Continue use despite physical side effects like hair loss
• Depression
• Having a persistent issue with friends and family
Steroids work on the hormones of the body. So when a person takes the steroids for a long time, his or her hormonal balance is affected severely. If that person tries to quit taking the steroids, then there is a chance that he or she might have to suffer from the withdrawal symptoms.
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Signs of steroid abuse

Some of the common symptoms of steroid abuse are:
• Unusual muscle gain
• Track marks on the skin from an injection
• Hair loss
• Halitosis
• Drastic appetite change
• Joint pain
Intake of steroids not only affect the person physically, but it also brings emotional changes in the person like:
• Poor decision-making
• Extreme mood swings
• Increased aggression
• Irritability
• Relationship change with friends and family

Effects and Abuse of Steroids

Using the steroid without the doctor prescription is quite common in America and this type of intake can be considered as the abuse. When a bodybuilder lifts the weight, some strain is put on the muscle and create small tears in the flesh. After some time when it heals, it gets stronger. Anabolic steroids help to boost this process and increase the exercise ability as well.
So people who take it without the prescription usually take it 10 to 100 stronger doses.

There can be various side effects of consuming these steroids without prescription like:
• Headaches, dizziness
• Swelling in hand or feet
• Problem with your eyes
• Coordination problem
• Fever, vomiting

Withdrawal symptoms

When a person tries to quit or stop using the anabolic, the steroid may suffer from the withdrawal symptoms.
• Appetite loss
• Fatigue
• Hormonal change
• Loss of muscle mass
• Insomnia
• Reduced sex drive
• Steroid craving
• Restlessness

Mixing other Drugs

Anabolic steroids increase the tolerance toward the pleasurable effects of certain drugs. This can cause a higher intake of these drugs to get the desired result. Some of the common drugs that are mixed with the steroid are:
• Cocaine
• MDMA (ecstasy)
• Adderall
• Marijuana
• Alcohol
High doses of these drugs can be hazardous for the health of a person. It can also be the reason for the fatal overdose.


Addiction toward anabolic steroid can be challenging to detect because the abuser thinks that it is harmless and even helping him or her in bodybuilding. So if you find yourself or your known to be showing the signs mentioned above, get help from the rehabilitation centre to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
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