Amytal Sodium (Amobarbital) Drug Addiction, Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

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Amytal Sodium (Amobarbital) Drug Addiction, Abuse -The Rehab Treatment

Amytal is the famous brand name of the drug- barbiturate derivative amobarbital. It is a sedative given to the patients who have a sleeping disorder or as a pre-anesthetic for the surgery. Amytal is depressant affecting the Central Nervous System, soothing brain activities to relieve stress. Amytal has been replaced by the benzos, which is thought to be much safer and less addictive. However, some of the doctors still use this drug because of potency. Some of the common street names of the Amytal are downers, redbirds, red, blue velvets.
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Signs of addiction

Addiction toward the Amytal can be developed without you being aware of it. Over the few years, it has been clear that the Amytal has addictive muscular problems. So to control it the only legal way to obtain it is from the doctor-supervised intravenous injection.
So some of the signs that you are addicted o Amytal is when you are doing the doctor shopping for the drug. Other may try for the street dealers to get the drugs. It also makes the addict physically and psychologically, dependent on the drug.

Abuse and Effects

Amytal is a schedule II controlled substance means it is expected from the people that they will abuse it and will get dependent on it eventually. Like many sleeping pills, it is also used for peaceful purposes. But after some time people start abusing it by taking stronger doses. Due to the potency of the drug-using, it without prescription is also considered the abuse.
Some of the common side effects that are faced by the addict are:
• Dizziness
• Nausea and vomiting
• Mental confusion
• Tremors
• Fever
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Headaches
Though the consumption of the Amytal is done under the supervision of the doctor still, it can be dangerous for the user because of the potency. It can depress the functioning of the brain until the user forgets to breathe or trigger coma or even death.

Mixing with other drugs

Amytal alone is a potent drug that can cause overdose and combining it with other medications only invites problems. Amytal is a depressant affecting the CNS. If a person mixes it with other drugs or alcohol, it synergies the potency of the drug.
People usually mix the alcohol with the Amytal to get the kick or to get high but when they combine them, then the chances of getting an overdose, triggering coma or even death.

Amytal addiction treatment

Leaving the Amytal addiction on your own can be a dangerous thing to do. If you try to go the drug suddenly then you might suffer from the severe, life-threatening problems depending upon the intensity and the length of the drug abuse. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are
• Muscle pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Anxiety
• Mental confusion
So if you know someone who is addicted to the Amytal, bring them to the rehabilitation center. It is better to get the treatment from the rehabilitation center because they will keep you under proper supervision, and if there is any complication during the procedure, swift action will be taken.
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