Problems of Children of Alcoholic Parents - The Rehab Treatment

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Problems of Children of Alcoholic Parents - The Rehab Treatment

Jose was about to sleep when he hears a slam on the front door. He realizes that his father has started drinking again, and now he has to save himself and his sister from the beating they get from their drunk father. Alcohol not only affects the life of the alcoholic but also the life of the people around him\her. According to the survey, millions of families are affected because of the alcoholism, and the children are the victims for no reason.

Alcoholic parents can often get physically, emotionally and financially gets neglected, and it affects the most who are living with or close to their parents.
If you are a child of an alcoholic parent, then you know what kind of problems are faced by you. You have to know that if your parent is an alcoholic, then it is not your fault. It was their decision to drinking, and it is upto them to leave it depending upon their willpower. The best thing you can do for your parents is to learn about the alcoholism and provide them with the help they need.

Signs of alcoholism

Effects of alcoholism are different for a different person. Some might get a minor setback while some can get significant delays in their life. But there are some of the common side effects of alcoholism which can make you realize that you are suffering from it.
• Mood swing
• Blackout or memory loss
• Isolation from friends and family
• Frequent hangover
• Prioritizing drinking over obligations
• Having a hard time at work or financially
• Drinking alone or secretly

Approaching them

Understanding the alcoholism at this early age is quite a difficult task for you let alone approaching your parent and making them realize that they have a problem with drinking. But with the help of the following steps, you can help your parents and yourself.

Understanding the reason

Before you approach your parent, you have to follow the reason behind their alcoholism. There can be many reasons for a person to be an alcoholic like to forget the past, feel confident or brave, depression. Unfortunately, excessive drinking does not help the person in any of these things. You and your parent have to understand that alcoholism only brings the negativity in life.

When and how to approach

You have to remember that you should not contact your parent when they are intoxicated. This could make them angry and will not listen to a word you are trying to say. It may get even worse than they might not also remember the talk you had with them.
You cannot forcibly change the habit of a person, not even your parents. You should show your concern about their drinking habit and make them realize that they should get treatment for that.
What to say
Approaching a parent for alcoholism is quite a difficult job. It is often helpful to contact them with the sibling or any adult member of the family. Talking on such a sensitive matter can easily be misunderstood, but you have to be healthy and express your feeling without getting interrupted. You can do it by:
• Express love and support
• Do not disrespect them
• Do not blame them or call names
• Show concern for their present state
• Ask the reason why they feel the need to drink
• Tell them your feeling
• Tell them how it is affecting their life decisions
If all went well and your parents understand the problem, then all you have to do is get them into a rehab program..

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