Alcohol Symptoms and Warning Signs

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Alcohol Symptoms and Warning Signs

On any given day, there are an estimated 32 million Americans those are addicted to alcohol. It is estimated that all over the world, two billion people consume alcohol with regularity. And at least one billion drink problematically. So according to an estimation, nearly 10 % of our citizens are alcoholic.

The alarming sign is that only a few alcoholics receive the professional help they need. Approximately on any given day, 700,000 people in the US receive treatment for alcohol. We could say liquor is slightly alcoholic.

Several reasons exist why only 2.2% alcoholics of the American citizens get help. The main reason is the failure to recognize the symptoms of alcohol addiction. With approximately 88,000 people dying each year from alcohol, these signs need to be remembered more frequently.

It would be nearly impossible to recognize and compile a list of every single sign of alcoholism. Over many years, researchers and scientists around the world have known and collected data and several common symptoms of addiction have been established.

Families and the Genetic Warning Signs

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism explains that genes are generally responsible for nearly half of an individual’s risk of alcoholism. Take it as a warning sign, if a parent, sibling or other family member struggles with alcohol abuse or addiction caused by other substance.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration explains that when one member of the family consumes too much alcohol, others also ended up drinking too much as well. To cope with the stress of the situation, many people find drugs and drinking the right way or even the only way. However, more alcohol is not the answer to any alcohol abuse situation. No matter the past or present of the family, only treatment helps to get out of this situation.

Physical Warning Signs of the Alcohol Abuse

Aside from immediate symptoms, physical signs of alcoholism include:

• Broken capillaries of the face and nose.
• Yellowing of the skin and eye
• Consistent alcoholic breath
• A decrease in attention to personal hygiene, dental care, and showering
• Weight gain or weight loss.
• Complete dry skin
• Brittle hair and fingernails
• Flushed appearance
• More rapid ageing sign than usual such as an increase in wrinkles and age spots.

Alcohol is a toxin, and it damages the body. This toxin takes down organs and overall health and aspect. An individual may feel ill, worn down or tired all the time. Do not ignore any physical warning signs; these signs could be visible warnings of an alcohol abuse problem.

Social and Behavioral Warning Signs

This sometimes makes it hard to spot the drinking problems at first. However, change in a person’s actions and words, their social health, could be the sign of warning. Some of the following steps, interactions and thoughts can indicate a drinking problem:

1. Conflict with a law-
Any legal issue and cooperation with law enforcement could mean a drinking problem. An individual convicted or arrested for public intoxication is a clear sign of a problem.
2. Relationship concern-
Any alcohol abuse problem can lead towards the failure in professional, personal and romantic relationship.
3. Delirium-
If an individual feel restive or agitated without alcohol in his bloodstream, he should reevaluate his drinking habits.
4. Other drug use-
The susceptibility of turning towards other drug substance increased in the absence of alcohol availability. This is usually referred to as polysubstance abuse.
5. Other’s comment-
Rather than responding with annoyance and exasperation, seriously consider their words.
6. Medical professional’s opinions-
Consider their advice and concerns seriously as they are the experienced one.
7. Yearning-
Always feel like that only alcohol can make happy physically and mentally can be a sign of a developing problem.
8. Low self-esteem-
Reaching and craving for a drink in an attempt to fulfil an inner void after making promises, can lead to low self-esteem.
9. Profligate money-
An individual to satisfy his desire for alcohol spend a large portion of his paycheck, income or assets.
10. Censorship-
Being unable to remember the previous night is a warning sign of a drinking problem.

Intervention for alcoholic

If you care about someone who is suffering from an alcoholic disorder, there are several ways you can help them. If an individual unwilling or denying, you might consider staging an intervention. To tell someone you care about, can also help a person suffering from alcohol disorder.

It is essential to amuse your loved one with respect and care and avoid blame or condemnation. There is a need to assure the person that the intervention is coming from a place of concern and not judgment.

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